Unusual Christmas tree ideas for your winter wedding

DIY Christmas tree with wooden stairs

DIY enthusiasts will be delighted by this easy option.

DIY wooden Christmas tree

An alternative for those who just can’t stand the needles dropping on the floor every single damn day.

Christmas tree featuring glass bottles

We have absolutely no doubt that this will go down well with guests.

Christmas tree with glitter banner

So simple yet so effective, and the kids will love it.

Christmas tree with books

One to do in less than five minutes…

DIY christmas tree with hangings and stars

the perfect way to showcase memorable baubles.

DIY Christmas tree with lights

We love this idea.

Christmas tree made from wine bottle cork

A perfect solution for wine lovers and a great excuse to drink more and make the tree even taller as you go!

Christmas tree created from building blocks

Is it wrong that we find this amazing even though we’re not five years old?

Christmas tree with gaming concept

For your gaming husband-to-be, this might just make this his best Christmas ever.

Christmas tree with twigs

We love that you can create your own Christmas tree shape with these simple twigs.

Christmas tree made from fake snow and polar bears

Fake snow and polar bears? Win.