What will weddings look like in 50 years’ time?

Our predictions for everything from printable wedding dresses to the future of honeymoons

3D hologram videography

Every bride wishes she could enjoy her wedding day over and over again, and in the future, you’ll be able to. Forget craning at a TV screen trying to pick out all the pretty details on your wedding DVD, instead you can really relive the day ‘as a guest’ in the form of a 3D hologram video. Imagine the Jaws hologram billboard in Back to the Future II, but for your whole wedding day!

Photography: Rebecca Douglas

Printable wedding dresses

By 2066 sewing machines will be relegated to the shelves of fashion museums to make way for 3D printers. Brides will be able to choose the design they like from an online catalogue of designers, print it and voila – one wedding dress made to order will appear before their very eyes. Perfect for shotgun weddings!

Foldable tablet invitations

Paper invites will be so passé – instead guests can expect to see foldable tablets (think iPads that roll up like newspapers) featuring video messages, pictures and your wedding website land on their doormat. And the best bit is that chasing RSVPs will be a thing of the past too. Guests will be able to reply on the tablet at the click of a button.


Photography: Rebecca Douglas

Underwater wedding venues

Looking for a waterside venue or a ceremony by the sea? In 50 years time you could add underwater city venues to your shortlist. This modern-day Atlantis, which comes complete with a submarine-style gondola system to transport guests, is already at the design stage in Japan – just watch out for dolphins photobombing your snaps.

Granny creches

Guestlists are set to get larger, with great-great grandparents reaching the ripe old age of 150. Don’t expect them to be strutting their stuff on the dancefloor though, you’ll find them in the elderly crèche area resting weary bones on comfy sofas and playing with retro entertainment like iPads.

Photography: Rebecca Douglas

The latest must-do honeymoon in 2066 it quite literally out of this world – in space. And the best bit is you don’t even have to board Virgin Galactic, because that’s almost as outdated as a Boeing 747. You’ll reach your destination by an inflatable space elevator, of course! Once there expect to spend time at the zero-gravity space spa and enjoying activities like weightless walking.

Colour-changing paint

Not sure the mint green walls of your chosen venue go with your colour scheme? Or is cloudy weather making your reception room look dull? Fear not – the walls are covered in colour-changing paint, so you can change the hue at the click of a button using your smart phone…


Smart engagement rings

… but smart phones won’t actually exist – at least not in their current form. The technology will be so small by then that you’ll be able to use your engagement ring in the same way you now use your iPhone. Tap your finger on the diamond or for men on your watch face and a hologram that you can touch will hover above it.