11 wedding dos and don’ts for your first dance

Avoid any embarrassing moves and have a first dance your wedding guests will remember thanks to these easy expert tips.

If watching Strictly Come Dancing is making you nervous about your wedding dance, we’ve got just the advice you need. 


Whip yourself and your groom into shape with some helpful tips from professional dance teacher Annelies Merrells, and your guests will remember the moment for all the right reasons.

Do: Choose ‘your song’, which takes you back to a special time and place in your relationship. Whatever that special track is, it should mean something to you both, bring a smile to your face when you hear it and remind you of your husband to be.

Don’t: Panic if you start to hate ‘your song’. Yes that’s right, as every professional dancer will tell you; you’re going to fall out of love with that special track during all the rehearsals, before you grow to love it again during your performance. 


Do: Practise in the living room. All dance teachers will preach ‘practice makes perfect’, and there’s no escaping that truth. Roll back the furniture, stick on the music and have some fun. You’ll soon find out what comes naturally to you both.  

Don’t: Think of rehearsing your dance as a chore. You’re going to be busy with lots of decisions to make in the run up to your wedding. Dancing is intimate, sexy and fun: it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time out of wedding plans to fire up the passion that brought you together in the first place. Plus, exercise is a great stress buster.

Do: Consider ditching the high heels for something more fun. If you love Converse trainers, order a customised pair especially for your wedding, your feet will thank you for it and you’ll be better equipped to entertain the crowd if you’re planning on doing a mix of songs and dance styles.

Don’t: Forget your posture. On your wedding day you will feel a million dollars. Keep that in mind during the dance. Hold your head high and remember to extend through your hands and toes. Stay light on your feet, even if you are breaking away from the traditional ‘slow dance’ to do a funky routine.


Do: Share the limelight, especially if dancing is important to you but your man really can’t stand the thought of dancing in front of a crowd. It’s becoming popular to recruit the help of the bridesmaids; it’s their job to support you after all. 

Don’t: Worry if you mess up a step. A key thing to remember for peace of mind is that no one knows your routine, so if you do something out of line unless you make it obvious no one will know you’ve made a mistake. So just keep smiling no matter what!

Do: Get used to dancing in similar attire to what you will be wearing on the day. If you have a long wedding dress practise dancing in a dress or skirt of a similar length, so you and your partner feel comfortable and are less concerned about standing on it. 

Don’t: Rule out getting some professional help. Having a few dance lessons can make all the difference if you want to create something really magical for your wedding day. Choose private lessons where you can discuss your ideas with your instructor and tailor lessons accordingly.


Do: Embrace your nerves. Even professionals get nervous before a performance and it’s completely natural. Building confidence all comes back to practice. Now get out your diary and pencil in your first session!