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41 unusual wedding entertainment ideas your guests will love

These are the unusual wedding entertainment ideas designed to dazzle guests at your reception and create the party of a life time. We're talking unexpected wandering entertainment suggestions, photo booths they won't have seen before and much more. Let us entertain you!

We’re often asked why wedding entertainment is necessary – and the reason is that wedding days can be long. Your guests will be celebrating with you from the ceremony through to reception drinks and the wedding breakfast – and then there’s the evening party. This means it’s crucial to come up with the right reception timeline to make sure your guests have an amazing time, and don’t start to wilt by the time the speeches start.


One thing that helps keep them amused – and creates a joyful atmosphere – is building in some wedding entertainment to your timeline.

Of course, this won’t work as well if the entertainment is something they’ve seen at a million other weddings – and that’s where we come in! We’ve found the best unusual wedding entertainment ideas, from photo booths with a twist to unexpected surprises and games they’ll love. Read on to find out how to make sure your big day really goes off with a bang…

Game ideas



Mirror photo booth

Photo booths have become a wedding reception staple in recent years. Remember, they come in all shapes and sizes, from caravan to taxi booths, so put a cool twist on the trend by choosing something unusual. The magic mirror selfie booth from Smiles Better is an excellent example. Guests pose in front of the touch-sensitive mirror, using photo booth props to up the fun factor, with prints available within 30 seconds.

Mirror photo booth garlanded with pink and white flowers



Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a magician? Easy to organise and with plenty of bang for their buck, magicians are a versatile option. Your magician doesn’t just have to perform during the drinks reception – ask him or her to do the rounds mid-meal to entertain your diners, or to mingle with guests who want a break from dancing in the evening. Expect sleight of hand, cool card tricks and close-up tricks.

Close up of a man's hands performing a card trick


Fortune teller

Add a touch of the mystery to your reception. Hiring a fortune teller to wander round the tables mid-course is a great way to fill a sometimes-awkward gap. You just need to work out what type of fortune telling you’re drawn to, such as palm reading or tarot.

Tarot cards on a table
Photograph | Jen Theodore at Unsplash

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Glitter bar

Hire a glitter bar complete with make-up artist to create sparkling looks for your guests. Just make sure your chosen company only uses biodegradable glitter, which is mainly made of plant cellulose – try Eco Stardust.

Close-up of make up brush covered in glitter
Photograph | Getty

Dance lesson

Avoid the inevitable Dad-dancing and your cousin’s attempts at ‘the worm’ and arrange a professional dance lesson for your guests. Salsa and samba classes are both great for getting the party started.

Cropped shot of two female performers and their band
Photograph | Getty

Petting zoo

In the world of unusual wedding entertainment, anything is possible. If you’re getting hitched on a country farm, head outside with little guests to visit the venue’s resident animals. Mobile petting zoos are even available, so you can bring the farmyard to you!

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Dance off

There comes a time when things can only be solved with a good old-fashioned dance off. You know the rules: men on one side, ladies on the other, and anything goes. Let the DJ decide the prizes for best and worst moves.

Wedding party dancing in a teepee
Photograph | Mitchell Orr at Unsplash

Photo scavenger hunt

Not just one for the children, create a photo scavenger hunt for your guests to compete throughout the course of the day. From snapping a pic of planting a kiss on the groom’s cheek to selfies with the catering staff, it’ll bring out the competitive nature in your friends. You can always take things on to Instagram with a hashtag.

Guests taking picture of a couple kissing at a wedding
Photograph | Kim Allexis Diwa at Unsplash

Surprise first dance

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos: learning a secret dance routine with your partner to perform at your reception will affirm your eternal places in the wedding hall of fame. We’ve seen everything from Bollywood to Dirty Dancing-inspired routines.

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Ice cream bar

Give your guests a sweet treat with a build-your-own ice cream sundae bar, including lots of different flavours and all the toppings they could ask for. Or you could provide scoops, cones and sauces, so they can create a more portable treat.

Ice cream bar with cones
Photograph | Pinterest

Mr and Mrs/Mr and Mr/Mrs and Mrs contest

How well do you really know your partner? Ask a series of Mr and Mrs quiz questions, from the easy ones like shoe size and how they like their tea to the trickier topics of first pet and A level subjects – you might even learn something new… Rope in a confident member of your wedding party to host this after-dinner quiz that’s guaranteed to go down a storm.

Picture of a pink-framed mr & mrs quiz
Photograph | Pinterest

RSVP a floorfiller

Simple but oh-so-effective, ask guests to jot down their must-have party song on their RSVP note, and hey presto, a ready-made playlist is yours. The minute each person’s track comes on, they’ll head straight for the dance floor.

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Live art

Hire graffiti artists, such as Graffiti Life, to create an amazing artwork as guests look on. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t require constant attention, so won’t distract from conversations.

Graffiti mural of different coloured hearts
Photograph | Renee Fisher at Unsplash

Singing waiters

Take ‘service with a smile’ to a whole new level by hiring a brigade of singing waiters to liven up your dinner. For enhanced wow-factor, keep it a secret from your guests until they suddenly burst into song.

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Pimp your drinks

Create a wedding drinks station where guests can customise their fizz with fruits and liqueurs or create their own cocktails – or simply pour themselves a measure of their favourite post-dinner spirit. We’ve seen so many creative drinks stations that are beautifully decorated and are a real focal point at the reception.


DIY flower stall

The day before the wedding, if you have the energy for an early start (or can delegate to a particularly kind member of the wedding party), head to your local flower market or wholesale farm to pick up armfuls of beautiful blooms. Choose seasonal, local varieties to be kinder to both the planet and your wallet. You can then use these to create a DIY stand where guests can create their own buttonholes, corsages and/or flower crowns. You’ll also need florist supplies such as wire, and it’s a good idea to print out some step-by-step guides.

Greenery flower crown hanging on a bench
Photograph | Annie Spratt at Unsplash

Street food

Hire one or more street food vans so guests can watch their food being assembled right in front of their eyes – and tuck into some fresh, flavoursome nosh, of course.

Street food


Video box

Forget guest books – the hottest trend on the wedding scene is the video box, where guests can record rather than write their messages. Expect the quality and coherence of messages to deteriorate as the night goes on and the drinks flow – these probably aren’t the ones you’ll be sharing on Insta Stories.

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After party

If heading home at midnight is just too early, or your bridal party just love a good night out, arrange an after party. Book a minibus to transport your most hardcore guests to a bar or club – book a VIP area if you’re feeling extra generous. There’s no pressure for you to attend though if you’re dying to crash into bed.

Women talking holding drinks
Photograph | Michael Discenza  at Unsplash

Bouncy castle

Not just for children’s parties, bouncy castles have been given a wedding makeover and are now a trend not to be missed! Whether you have small ones in attendance or not, guests will love the freedom of kicking off their shoes and having a bounce.

White bouncy castle with one person bouncing on it
Photograph | Pinterest

Games arcade

If you grew up gaming at home or at the local arcade, gaming wedding entertainment could be a great choice for you. Hire an Xbox or PlayStation for group play or some actual arcade games if your budget allows.

Woman standing in front of a lit-up arcade game
Photograph | Erik Mclean at Unsplash


A fireworks display is our favourite night-time wedding entertainment idea by far. Nothing beats the magic of watching them light up the sky as you celebrate with your loved ones. But don’t book anything before you’ve read these 12 things you need to know about wedding fireworks.

Close-up of fireworks in the sky
Photograph | Roven Images at Unsplash

Casino tables

Bring the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas to your wedding reception and arrange to have casino games and staff waiting for your guests, using fake money. You can have all the thrills, without the risk of losing money – winning.

Close-up of a casino table, blackjack with chips
Photograph | Kay at Unsplash

Temporary tattoo bar

Give guests the chance to try out a quirky tattoo without the commitment of the real thing with a transfer tattoo bar. Just make sure everyone shows off their new artwork at the photo booth afterwards!

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Mini golf

Ideal for a summer wedding, a miniature golf course can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Set up a tournament and have you or your partner play the winner!

Close up of a golf ball on a tee personalised with a couple's names and wedding date
Photograph | Pinterest

Wedding illustrator

Hire a live event illustrator to provide beautifully stylish portraits of your loved ones. Everyone will go home with a lovely, bespoke keepsake of the day.

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Funfair stalls

Hire some side stalls to achieve a carnival mood. We’re talking about vintage-style treats such as a coconut shy, hook-a-duck and hoopla. Enhance the experience with a candyfloss machine and light-up letters.

Vintage ring toss
Photograph | Pinterest

Duck herding

Quirky and cute, a professional duck-herding demonstration (using Indian Runner Ducks and well-trained Border Collies) will amuse every generation. Try Quack Pack.

Duck herding display



Hire a bubbleologist – yes, that’s a thing – to conjure amazing shapes. We’re not simply talking about big bubbles; skilled practitioners’ acts include bubbles filled with smoke, square bubbles and bubbles you can stand inside.

Bubble performer creating a giant bubble
Photograph | Warble Entertainment


For a memento with a difference, call in a company that’ll get guests lip-synching to your favourite track on the day. They’ll edit this together to make a music-wedding video hybrid that’s as amusing to watch as it was to make.

Group of friends having fun on night out. Karaoke.
Photograph | Getty

Circus performers

Razzle dazzle ’em with some eye-catching entertainment as soon as they walk into the reception. Stilt walkers, jugglers, acrobats, fire dancers, contortionists and even aerial dancers will enthral guests – let your imagination run wild.

Male and female fire dancers
Photograph | Judeus Samson at Unsplash

Edible mist orbs

At the quirkier end of the wedding entertainment scale lies the edible mist orbs experience. Your guests can treat their taste buds to flavours as diverse as cucumber and chocolate cookies – all inhaled and containing zero calories. Check out Lick Me I’m Delicious.

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Fairground attractions

A carousel is a stylish choice, but space allowing, do consider hiring a teacup ride or even a helter-skelter.

Couple in wedding outfits sitting on a carousel
Photograph | Sarah Gawler

Children’s entertainment

There are lots of fun and exciting ideas for keeping children entertained. We particularly like the idea of hiring a face painter for an hour or two – we bet adults won’t be able to resist either.

Young girl with face painting smiling.
Photograph | Getty

Karaoke booth

Get a karaoke photo booth, such as Fun Pod, to have your guests’ vocal efforts filmed and turned into a hilarious video keepsake.

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Borrow this Mexican tradition to get the party going with a bang – literally. Choose a wedding-perfect piñata, such as a tiered cake shape or a monogrammed heart, and fill it with whatever treats you want to shower your guests with.

Wedding cake pinata in a barn venue
Photograph | Pinterest


If you’re having a summer wedding in the countryside, particularly at a barn with lots of outside space and little light pollution, consider combining an outdoor chill-out area with a place to stargaze for an out-of-this-world entertainment option. Set up beanbags and put out a sign with details of a free stargazing app guests can download to their phones – they just have to point them at the sky to identify planets and constellations.

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Silent disco

These are perfect for venues with noise curfews, or as a way to add interest to the dancing section of the night. Guests are given wireless headphones that can connect to and switch between a number of different music channels. It’s hilarious to watch people dance side by side to Sinatra and Pitbull.

Group of young adults enjoying a party. There are two people in focus laughing and having fun with large crowd around them dancing. Purple toned image with lens flare.
Photograph | Getty

Coffee artists

While some guests will be hitting the bar hard, others might need a little caffeine to raise their energy for the dance floor. Make sure their drink of choice is entertaining by hiring after-dinner coffee artists, who create incredibly intricate art, from portraits to motifs, on top of a cappuccino or latte as guests look on.

Coffee with intricate floral artwork drawn in the foam on top
Photograph | Lex Sirikiat at Unsplash


For a 1950s vibe, hire a retro jukebox for your drinks reception, so guests can choose which tracks they enjoy their cocktails to.

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GIF booth

One for Instagram lovers. Supercharge your booth by hiring a version that creates GIFs as well as photos – they’re sent directly to your phone so can be shared instantly.


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