8 tips to stop your guests leaving early

Want to stop your guests from leaving the party when it's just getting started? Follow these nifty tips.

Photo | McKinley Rodgers

1. Keep the bar next to the dance floor


Yes yes, we know it’s sneaky, but having the bar in a different room means your guests will spend more time there, sitting down and catching up over a drink, rather than lighting up the dance floor.

2. Turn the heat down

Sure, no one likes being cold, but if it’s boiling, guests are more likely to get tired and want some fresh air. Plus, dancing is great way to get warm, don’t you think?

3. Serve some treats

Let’s face it, no one is going to turn down mini burgers or an ice cream van. Just be strategic with what time you serve them at, and if guests are tempted to leave, tell them if they can just wait a little longer, they’re in for a treat.


4. Surprise them

A bit of a lull on the dance floor? Get the DJ to change the spotlights and play a tune you know everyone will love (80s or 90s classics are always a winner). Better yet, organise a surprise flashmob.

5. Keep the best songs till last

You don’t want to use up all the good songs at the beginning of the night as there’ll be no reason for people to stay (apart from celebrating with the lovely couple, obviously). 

6. Keep them entertained

For those guests who don’t enjoy dancing, pull out all the stops with a photobooth or magician – they’ll be fighting over whose turn is next. There are lots of options out there to suit your style and budget, from summer lawn games to some seriously unusual entertainment ideas.


7. Have a quiet area

Older guests might not want to dance the night away, so to avoid driving them away, have a separate, quieter area where they can sit and chat.

8. Have a pampering area


Hands up who doesn’t end up with their foundation/mascara running down their face at the end of the night? Keep female guests happy by having a make-up artist or pamper area where they can freshen up.