Fairytale Brides, this is the Disney Playlist you NEED for your Wedding Day

From the Lion King, to High School Musical to Aladdin, Disney provides a wealth of song inspiration for your wedding day

We love a Disney wedding; from Disney inspired lingerie, to Disney wedding cakes to Disney ring boxes, there’s nothing that we wouldn’t sprinkle a bit of magic on to when it comes to our big day.


With this in mind, we decided to create the ultimate Disney wedding playlist, perfect for playing on your big day, or in the run-up when wedmin is getting on top of you, and you just want to dance around to some Disney ditties.

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A Whole New World – Aladdin

Could this be the most romantic Disney song of all time? It perfectly describes how you and your brand new husband will be feeling as man and wife – married life really is a whole new world! 

Beauty And The Beast – Ariana Grande and John Legend

While we adored the original of this song, Ariana Grande and John Legend’s 2017 revamp makes this song even more emotional than when that lovely tea pot sang it. John’s dulcet tones are just so mesmerising; imagine floating round the dance floor to this beautiful song for your first dance. If you loved the remake of the film as much as we did, check out our ideas for a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.  

You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Toy Story 

Not such a romantic tune, but we’d totally play this as the backing music for the best man’s speech. If you think about it, it’s just as touching as the ballads.  

Breaking Free – High School Musical 

This track might not be as classic as some of the others on the playlist, but this Zac Efron led tune is so rousing – we bet it will get all the noughties kids rushing to the dance floor to belt it out. The lyrics are sweet too. Our favourite? “There’s not a star in heaven we can’t reach” 

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? – The Lion King 

There’s something so magical about this Disney song. All of your guests will 100% be feeling the love with this playing. We’d even be tempted to have this is a first dance song.

Kiss The Girl – The Little Mermaid 

This is the perfect song to play while you and your brand new husband sign the register. We know, he’ll already have kissed the girl, but the sentiment is there. And the steel pan section is so upbeat and lovely. Your guests will have to stop themselves boogying in their seats.

Let It Go – Frozen 

Do we really need to explain why this song is on the playlist? Any little ones at your wedding will be overjoyed to hear Elsa playing out over the speakers, and it gives you and your pals the chance to really let rip with the singing.

Hoedown Throwdown – Miley Cyrus 

Back before Miley became a wrecking ball (and them calmed down again) Hoedown Throwdown was our favourite Miley Cyrus song. Just try and keep your guests from performing the dance routine – all together now “pop it, lock it, polka dot it!” 

Once Upon A Dream – Lana Del Rey 

This darker take on Sleeping Beauty’s signature song is haunting and amazing in equal measures; maybe not ideal if you have younger guests who might get a little spooked, but the perfect mix of eery and romantic make this amazing for a halloween wedding.  

Bibbidi Bobbido Boo – Cinderella 

We’d be unable to resist playing this song while we got ready in the bridal suite with our besties – the transformation into a bride is the perfect time to play this jaunty little track. Your make-up artist is pretty much a fairy god mother! 

Bella Notte – Lady and the Tramp 

Forget the fact this about a dog’s first date and play it during your wedding breakfast. Share a sneaky kiss with your husband over spaghetti for the ultimate authentic Disney moment. 

Some Day My Prince Will Come – Snow White 

One of Disney’s oldest songs, this is up there with the most romantic tunes of all time. Lucky for you, your prince has already arrived, and you didn’t have to eat a poisoned apple to meet him (we hope…) 

Reflection – Christina Aguilera 

This song from the Mulan soundtrack is more about finding yourself than the love of your life, if you really listen to it. But there’s no denying Xtina has a breath-taking voice, and this song works beautifully as background music. 

I Won’t Say I’m In Love – Hercules  

Courtesy of Hercules’ Megara, this is one of the sassiest Disney songs out there. We’re obsessed with this girl power track and can imagine singing it with our besties near the end of the night.


So This Is Love – Cinderella 

Cinderella had the best dress, best shoes, and perhaps the best Disney love song ever. Some girls get all the luck. So This Is Love is a dreamy song to sway around the dance floor to for your first dance, glass slippers or not.