First dance songs: How to choose yours

Having a first dance at your wedding? Then you'll need to find the right song to tell your love story. That's easier said than done, given how many tracks and genres there are. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive guide to the first dance. Whether you want something unique or are looking for the perfect classic track, we have everything you need to pick a song that's all about you as a couple. There may be some songs on here that surprise you, but don't dismiss them straight away! Listen to our Spotify playlists before you make up your mind

Choosing the first dance song is something many couples leave to the last minute – and then regret that. Trust us, even if you’re not massively into music, it can take a lot longer than you think to narrow it down to just one track that you both agree on. Even if you already have a track that’s ‘your song’, it might not be something you want to dance to – or share with your family and friends. Speaking of whom, your nearest and dearest may have opinions about which song you should have. While it’s nice to listen to suggestions, remember, ultimately it’s your choice! Don’t let yourself get derailed by wedding meddlers.


We know you have better things to do than stress about this, so here’s our edit of what you need to know to pick your perfect first dance song. All you have to do is ask yourselves:

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