How to choose your wedding day music

Music plays a pretty important role in setting the tone for your wedding. Picking the music can be just as difficult and confusing as picking the stationery, with so many options and songs to choose from. With it being such a personal choice, make sure you pick songs that you are drawn to... From what to play while you and your bridesmaids get ready to the all important first dance song; here are our tips on how to choose your perfect wedding day tunes.

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How will the music be played?


This is the first decision you need to make for your wedding day music. Do you want to have a wedding band or hire a DJ? You could even decide to have a band for part of the wedding and a DJ for the other part. And if you are brave enough and super organised, you can craft your own playlist and have your iPod running the music for the night. Some of you may decide not to have dancing at your wedding and opt for a simple music plan like having a harpist play for the night. 

It’s wedding day

While you and your bridesmaids have some breakfast and get ready, you will want some fun tunes playing to get you in the wedding mood. It is perfectly acceptable – and advised – to include the cheesiest wedding-themed and party songs in this playlist. Yes, Chapel of Love, we’re looking at you.


Driving to the ceremony

Not applicable if you are getting ready at the venue. But if you are getting ready off site, you will traditionally travel in the car with your father – or whoever is walking you down the aisle – to the ceremony. You will probably be filled with emotion at this point; from excitement to raging nerves, so have something soft playing in the background that will help calm you down.

Set the scene

Even though you are not at the ceremony yet, your groom and guests will be arriving and waiting for you. So make sure you remember them and have some background music playing for them. Instrumental songs are usually the way to go and you don’t really want something that will make your guests want to get up and dance in the aisle just yet.

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The big entrance

Your entrance music is just as big a deal as your first-dance music. Your entrance song announces you as a bride and will stick in your hubby’s mind as the song that way playing the first time he saw you in your dress. Make sure you remember to pick a song for your bridesmaids to walk in to, again, instrumental is a good bet here. You may choose to go more traditional and enter on the classic entrance song Pachabell Cannon, or you can choose a song that is special to you and your groom.

Filler music

There is nothing worse than silence while you are doing the candle-lighting ceremony or signing the register. Although these moments are meaningful to you, your guests may get a bit bored. Have some music playing while you are busy with these elements of the wedding. You could even opt for having a friend or family member do some readings in these moments instead of having music playing.

We did it!

The same as your entrance, your exit from the ceremony can either be traditional with the Wedding March playing or choose something more suited to you as a couple. A fun and upbeat song is always good to celebrate the fact that you are finally married.

Cocktail hour vibes

If you are having a cocktail hour, the music is very important. You want something that will get your guest’s feet tapping but won’t send them off to the dance floor just yet. Try a mix of instrumental and lyrical songs, the blues and crooners are always a good choice, think modern crooners like Michael Buble. Having a live singer performing rhythmic songs is always a nice touch.

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Start the party

A great time to add a bit of fun and personality to your wedding music is your entrance into the reception. Your Master of Ceremonies announces your entrance as husband and wife, you rock down the middle of the venue to your favourite party song. It’s a great way to let your guests know the party has started.

The main attraction

Your first dance song is definitely a big deal. This is the chance to show your couple style. You may want to choose a song that is meaningful to you as a couple. You may just choose to do a simple sway. Many couples take some dance lessons beforehand and wow their guests with a few spins. Your options here are endless, as you can go timeless and classical or whimsical and funny. If you can’t decide on just one song, why not combine a bunch of songs in one epic first dance mash up.


Time for fun

Don’t forget to pick out a few other main songs for events like the father/daughter dance, mother/son dance and cake cutting part of the evening. The rest of the reception music can be as random or tailored as you wish. Try to have a good combination of party tracks to get everyone up and having a good time, and throw in a few of your favourite love songs, this is a wedding after all.