Ten reasons why you should hire a wedding band

Sponsored article: Live music is not your only option for great wedding entertainment, but hiring a band is guaranteed to make it memorable.


Here are 10 reasons why you should book a wedding band for your big day, courtesy of Function Central.


1. You get a bespoke experience

Wedding bands don’t take the important role they play for a couple lightly. On one of the best days of your life, you need a band that will help you to create the evening you want. Your wedding band, or their agent, willspend time working with you ahead of the big day to discover your musical likes and dislikes. They’ll know your wishes and requirements, and they’ll leave you confident that they can put on a show that’s just for you.


2. Make it memorable

A live band is much more memorable than a wedding playlist. Not only will your band compile and perform varied or unusual set lists, they can also put a twist on songs and look the part to fit your wedding’s theme. Perhaps you’re after a vintage vibe, or a ’20s feel. A band can also fill a room and give a real sense of warmth to your evening, while showing your guests a lot about you and your musical tastes.

3. You can leave the music choices to the professionals

Hiring a wedding band to look after all your musical needs ticks another job off your list – leaving you free to enjoy your big day, stress-free. Once you’ve let them know the sort of style you’re after (and the songs you can’t stand), they’ll know exactly what the party needs. They know their business and can bring that expertise to you. Let them advise on music choices for different stages of the day – when to have the live music, and when to offer prerecorded playlists. Professional bands have performed at hundreds of weddings and can give you the benefit of their years of experience, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


4. You’ll also have other live music for the rest of the day

Some of the musicians might be happy to perform at your drinks reception or during the ceremony, which is usually much cheaper than hiring separate acts. Your band’s singer and one of the musicians might also perform as a duo, so if you want jazz and lounge numbers while your guests are sipping champagne, ask your band if they can provide this for a small additional fee. Using the musicians from your evening band will make this much more affordable than booking a separate group.

5. Lots of live musical acts to choose from

This is true especially if you book through an agency such as Function Central. There are lots of bands of every genre and style that you could incorporate throughout your day, or for your evening celebration. Perhaps you have booked the perfect wedding venue, complete with perfumed rose garden for drinks and photos, where a string ensemble or jazz pianist would be the perfect fit? Or you might fancy a joyful steel band for a summer vibe. Whatever you’re after, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


6. You usually get a free DJ service afterwards

Most bands on Function Central’s books will provide as standard interval music and at least half an hour of music after the end of their set. This is an opportunity to play some of the many requests they might have had during the evening, and it’s also a great way to get people straight back on the dance floor instead of asking for ten encores.

7. You can sometimes use their PA system

Ask your wedding band if they will let you use their microphones and PA system for speeches and announcements, or even to play some prerecorded music during dinner. If they have to arrive early to fit in with your timings, they might charge a small additional fee – but as a modest add-on, it’s great value for money.


8. Audience interaction

You won’t just get music, you’ll get a performance. Your wedding band will be able to make your guests want to get up and dance. Having everyone feeling good at your wedding will be a superb way to ensure you have the best time, too. Great performers create a real connection with guests; on wedding days, when everyone’s filled with love and champagne, the warmth and energy of a brilliant entertainer will have everyone ending the night in high spirits.

9. Get more from the music

Perhaps the best thing about a wedding band is that you don’t have to choose between songs and style. If you’ve got a certain theme, but you really like modern pop, there are lots of bands that perform a range of songs in different styles, which makes it a more versatile option than a DJ; if you want a swing band, but you love Muse, you could get both. Wedding bands are also great if your favourite songs aren’t all child-friendly. Professional wedding bands know how to create a ‘PG night’, so they can adapt lyrics to suit all your guests’ ears without compromising on songs.


10. A live band can go with the flow

A live band will be as flexible and supportive as possible on your wedding day. If you have any last-minute changes, or you’re running late, they can adapt to your schedule, or make announcements between songs.