The 10 types of people you find at a wedding

It's important to prepare yourselves for the array of activity that will unfold from your favourite people on your wedding day.

The Embarrassing Guest


We can all recognize this person. They’re the guest that headed straight for the bar at the reception; the one that now can’t stop yelling “Hear, hear!” at every speech and falling over everything before they get taken home by a mortified family member.
The Wild Child

This child cannot sit on their chair for more than five minutes at a time. A toxic combination of sugary wedding cake and ceremony-induced boredom has led to them now running around the place with a mad look in their eyes. Parents should proceed with caution.


The Fussy Eater

“I’m allergic to soup.” “What kind of soup?” “All soup.” This is the guest that pokes at their asparagus as though it may be laced with poison; the one who now claims to be gluten-free and is possibly the waiter’s newest enemy.
The Emotional Grandma

Anyone sat within ten yards of this teary guest should pack extra tissues. Sobbing from the ceremony to the reception, she can’t quite comprehend that her grandchildren are all grown up. Give her a hug and a glass of Rose and she’ll perk up in no time.
The Guest Nobody Knows

“Is he your cousin?” “No – I thought he was your brother!” This guest will be the cause of speculation all night. They’ve come along and made an effort, but no one’s quite brave enough to ask who they are.
The Budding DJ

This guest likes to think of themselves as the next Calvin Harris. Rather than letting the hired DJ get on with things, they’ve devised the ‘perfect playlist’ and will continue to puff up with pride each time one of their songs comes on.
The Perfect Bridesmaid

This girl deserves a medal. She’s the one that is constantly on the ball, and has an uncanny ability to avert disasters before they even happen. Not to mention being the bride’s choice of companion for her troublesome toilet trips.
The Trend-Setter

Yes, the wedding may have been a quiet country affair, but this person chose to rock up in an outfit that would rival Lady Gaga’s. Everyone else will continue to spend the evening deciding on whether it’s trendy or trashy.
The Dancing Queen

Did this girl win Strictly? Nobody would have guessed that she had such moves, but her perfectly timed cha-cha slide will be copied by every other dancer on the floor.
The Bad Bopper


Try as they might, this guest is about as coordinated as a turtle on a tightrope. Their moves look even worse when compared to the aforementioned Dancing Queen, but they’re having a ball, so nobody minds.