The 13 Worst Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to

These are the songs you definitely do not want to make your wedding day entrance to

Your grand entrance on your wedding ceremony is one of the biggest moments of the day, so it’s imperative you get every detail of it right, from which of your bridesmaids walks in first, to how fast you all walk, to which song you walk down the aisle to.


Choosing the perfect song to walk down the aisle to (also known as your processional song) is one of the trickiest tasks you’ll face, so to help you out, we’ve rounded up 13 songs you should absolutely avoid at all costs, from the downright ridiculous to ones you never realised were inappropriate aisle songs.

1. Highway to Hell – AC/DC 

Unless you and your H2B are heavy metal rockers, this probably isn’t an ideal choice for your processional song. Your walk down the aisle is more a pathway to paradise rather than a highway to hell. We hope. Your grandma might find the screeching guitars a bit unpleasant too.

2. Speak Now – Taylor Swift

Taylor’s ditty about interrupting a wedding is one of her most accomplished lyrically, but we wouldn’t advise it for your big day. The song tells a story of an interrupting ex, and we wouldn’t want to encourage anyone, especially if your mum insisted your invite your childhood sweetheart along. Who still isn’t over you.

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3. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2 

We sure hope you’ve both found what you’re looking for… it’s your wedding day after all!

4. Gold Digger – Kanye West 

While Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had one of the best weddings of all time, Kanye’s track about a gold digging girl is a less than ideal song to walk down the aisle to. 

5. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division 

We fell in love with this song while watching Donnie Darko, and as much as we love belting it out at karaoke, it’s not one we’d hit play on while walking down the aisle. It’s a day about togetherness, not being torn apart! 

6. Shout Out to my Ex – Little Mix 

This is one of our favourite songs of last year, but nobody, and we mean nobody, needs to be reminded of their ex while making the most important walk of their life. In fact, maybe take this off your evening playlist too. Trust us, it’s for the best. 

7. Loyal – Chris Brown 

Even the most hardy of r&b fans would have to admit this is not a song to be playing at your wedding. “These hos ain’t loyal” isn’t a message you want blasting out of the speakers while you walk towards your forever partner.

Image | Shan Fisher

8. You’re so Vain – Carly Simon 

This is another track we love to wail along to at karaoke, but Carly’s lyrics of hatred towards the subject of the song aren’t quite the words you’d whisper in the ear of your soon to be husband…

9. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt  

Back in 2005, we fell hard for this song. But we’ve heard it SO. MANY. TIMES. You don’t want everyone in the congregation falling asleep to James’ dulcet tones. Go for something a bit more lively and unique to keep everyone peppy.

10. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder 

This is a truly delightful song for your father daughter dance, but we can’t help but think you’d be tooting your own horn a bit if you walked down the aisle to this. Everyone already knows how lovely you are. No need to ram it down their throats. 

11. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys  

For your wedding first dance song, this is a wonderful choice. For your processional song? Not so much. Sure, it worked for Keira Knightley in Love Actually, but everyone will be thinking of that moment as the chords begin, and sorry, nothing will ever live up to that wedding moment. Trust us, don’t do it.

12. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran 

Ed’s heartfelt ballad may have been one of the most popular first dance songs in 2017, but just like You’re Beautiful, it’s pretty over played now. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve wiped away tears at a wedding, with this on in the background. Give your guests a break and go for something more unusual. 

13. All of Me – John Legend 

Rumour has it John Legend performed All of Me at Kim and Kanye’s wedding, and we have to say, it’s one of the loveliest songs we’ve ever heard. We’d recommend saving it for your romantic first dance, rather than playing it as the first song people hear at your wedding.


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