The worst wedding march you’ll ever see

We understand that brides want to get creative when it comes to walking down the aisle. But this video we discovered may be going too far. At least put 'no children' on the invite if you're going to come down the aisle shouting every swear word under the sun. That's what the guy in the front row would say anyway...

After months of careful planning and deciding on the most intricate of details, we could be forgiven for expecting weddings to go without a hitch. Surely, with so many people on-hand to help things run smoothly, a team of expert suppliers and a dedicated bride who has worked so hard in the build-up to the day, it will be perfect, right? Well, erm, not always…


While we don’t want to scare you, we do feel it’s our duty to tell you that there may be a slip up or two. Huge wedding disasters are rare (so don’t panic!) but flower girl fits and slightly drunk uncles can crop up on occasion. In our experience, some of the little, less than perfect moments that occur are what makes your day memorable and are no bad thing. We promise.

Funny moments from little ones and slightly more adventurous dance moves from distant relatives aside, we have uncovered one of the worst wedding moments ever. We mean, seriously cringe and wedding day-ruining stuff. In fact, it’s so bad it’s good. Well, good enough to share, anyway.

From an out of tune wedding march song sang by a bride who definitely shouldn’t quit her day job, horrified children, questionable headgear and some lyrics that definitely don’t belong at a family event, this wedding pretty much ticks off all of our wedding ‘do nots’.

So, if you’re a bride slightly worried about whether there will be enough people on the dance floor or a newlywed who’s first dance wasn’t quite step perfect, sit down and watch this wedding march unfold, safe in the knowledge that at least this isn’t part of your wedding day. Happy watching!


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