#MoneyHangout: Marriage and money

Independent experts answered your questions on the financial aspects of getting married, as part of Legal & General's #MoneyHangout series


You might be in the middle of creating the perfect table plan but listen up for two minutes because we have some news that you’ll want to hear about. You & Your Wedding teamed up with the lovely folk at Legal & General to help with a live wedding seminar in trendy Hackney Picturehouse.


It’s easy to get swept up in the pretty details when you’re planning a wedding, and we’re here to remind you about the financial elements, too. Except we don’t want to be accused of sounding like your mum and dad so we’re handing over to Legal & General for that bit. 

Whether it’s the potential financial implications of getting married, remarried or what pre-nuptial agreements do, there are lots of financial questions to consider.

We joined Legal & General for the company’s fourth #MoneyHangout on Tuesday 18th August. You & Your Wedding’s editor-at-large Peta Hunt joined independent experts Joanne Edwards, chair of family law members body Resolution, and personal finance writer Laura Whitcombe to answer your questions about marriage and money.

So, what do you need to know about the panellists? First up is Joanne Edwards. Joanne is chair of Resolution, the membership body of family law practitioners that has over 6,500 members. She is also a partner at Pennington Marches and an expert in family law, divorce and marital agreements. 

Then there’s Laura Whitcombe, who is Deputy Editor at Moneywise. Moneywise is a magazine and website founded in 1990 and focused on offering personal finance advice to the public. It has 70,000 print readers and over 500,000 unique monthly website pageviews.

According to research by Legal & General, more than half of adults (52%) say they’ve received poor financial education or none whatsoever. As a result, many lack the information and confidence to manage their money. Through the #MoneyHangout series, Legal & General is helping people build their confidence and knowledge so they can take control of their finances.  

Sometimes even basic financial tips can seem inaccessible to everyday people, and everyone should have the tools necessary to plan their financial futures.

Whether you’re planning your first wedding, marrying for the second time, or thinking about how to combine your finances with your fiancé, the #MoneyHangout on marriage and money had some useful hints and tips from experts in the field.

If you missed it, catch up on all the handy hints below: