A beginner’s guide to flowers

It can be confusing choosing your wedding flowers, so here is a little directory to get you in the know.

Beginner’s Guide – Blue Agapanthus


Name: Agapanthus


Description: Tall stem with a rounded flower cluster on a leafless stem.

Season: SummerGood for: A blue and white themed wedding, as they come in various shades of blue to white.

Beginner’s Guide – Sweetpea


Name: Sweetpea

Description: A delicate flower with a sweet, lingering scent. A classic wedding favourite. Will flop if the weather is too hot.

Season: Summer Good for: Pretty bouquets for you, flowergirls and younger bridesmaids. They also make pretty centrepieces.

Beginner’s Guide – Lilac


Name: Lilac

Description: Tiny, star-shaped flowers growing in delicate pearshaped clusters along the branch. Available in white, mauve or pink. The purple-flowered varieties have the strongest scent.

Season: Winter

Good for: Colourful table arrangements

Beginner’s Guide – Amaryllis


Name: Amaryllis

Description: Large, flamboyant starry trumpets in white, red, pink, peach and even striped varieties.

Season: Spring

Good for: Larger bouquets and centrepieces where you need height. Can also look great as the focus of a bouquet.

Beginner’s Guide – Arum Lily


Name: Arum Lily

Description: A showy white flower shaped like a funnel with a yellow, central, finger-like spike.

Season: Late spring to summer

Good for: Bridal shower bouquets reminiscent of the 1920s Art deco era.

Beginner’s Guide – Lily


Name: Lily

Description: Available in a whole range of gorgeous colours from white to brilliant red and white.

Season: Summer

Good for: Dramatic modern bouquets. Make sure the stamens are removed as the pollen will stain.

Beginner’s Guide – Gardenia


Name: Gardenia

Description: Known for their strong scent. The flowers are solitary or in small clusters in white or pale yellow.

Season: Spring to mid summer

Good for: Trendy fragrant weddings. Float them in decorative bowls for a touch of style.

Beginner’s Guide – Calla Lily


Name: Calla lily

Description: A showy flower shaped like a funnel with a central, finger-like spike. (From the same family as the white arum lily). Comes in a variety of colours from pale pink to almost black.

Season: Late spring to summer

Good for: Bridal bouquets, buttonholes, centrepieces and colour-coordinating your wedding.

Beginner’s Guide – Carnation



Description: Available in a wide range of colours, including white, pink, green, orange and purple.


Good for: Table centrepieces. Work best grouped together to form a large pomander.

Beginner’s Guide – Chrysanthemum


Name: Chrysanthemum

Description: Ranges from a single, daisy-like bloom to multi-petal heads and small or large pom-pom shapes.

Season: Summer

Good for: This ‘Kermit’ variety is a quirky, modern choice for your wedding bouquet.

Beginner’s Guide – Bells Of Ireland


Name: Bells of Ireland

Description: A long spindly unusual flower that produces pale green to emerald green, funnel-shaped “bells” along green stems.

Season: Summer

Good for: Bouquets and especially effective when used in all-foliage and modern arrangements.

Beginner’s Guide – Hypercium Berries


Name: Hypericum berries

Description: The berries, commonly used in floristry, can be yellow, orange, pink, green or red. The green variety is much less common than its red one; hence it commands a slightly higher price.

Season: Autumn – Winter

Good for: The green hypericum berry is more suited to contemporary-style bouquets and arrangements, while the red lends itself perfectly to traditional bouquets and seasonal arrangements – most popular at Christmas.

Beginner’s Guide – Hyacinth


Name: Hyacinth

Description: Dense spike of tiny bell-shaped blooms on a single stem. Varieties come in a range of colours, including pure white, shades of pink and baby blue.

Season: Winter

Good for: Table centres, as the flowers have a stunning scent.

Beginner’s Guide – Gerbera


Name: Gerbera

Description: More than 200 to choose from in a wide range of colours.

Season: Autumn

Good for: Dramatic, contemporary bouquets. They are popular, as they less expensive than other wedding flowers.

Beginner’s Guide – Ranunculus


Name: Ranunculus

Description: A buttercup-like flower available in a variety of colours and a popular choice for brides.


Good for: Adding to single-colour bouquets and simple table decorations at the reception venue.

Beginner’s Guide – Singapore Orchid


Name: Singapore orchid

Description: Exotic and pricey, but available in a variety of pretty colours. Phalaenopsis orchids in either white or bright pink are always popular for weddings.

Season: Autumn

Good for: Stunning modern centrepieces and bouquets.

Beginner’s Guide – Freesia


Name: Freesia

Description: Small, highly scented flowers in bright colours.One of the prettiest varieties is ‘Ballerina’.

Season: Spring

Good for: Headdresses, bouquets and buttonholes. Particularly good in posies for younger bridesmaids.

Beginner’s Guide – Narcissus


Name: Narcissus

Description: An archetypal spring flower. Creates natural looking arrangements. Available in 50 varieties, ranging from tiny to large yellow or white flowers with single or double blooms.

Season: Spring

Good for: Displaying en masse for inexpensive table centrepieces.

Beginner’s Guide – Sunflower


Name: Sunflower

Description: Best known for its large heads of bright yellow petals with dark brown centres.

Season: Summer

Good for: Creating impact. Sunflowers can be expnsive, but because they are so big, you don’t need many.

Beginner’s Guide – Tulips


Name: Tulips

Description: A classic favourite available in a wide variety of different colours. Can also look very contemporary.

Season: Spring

Good for: Unfussy bouquets simply bound with ribbon. The frilly-edged parrot  tulip is ideal for table arrangements.

Beginner’s Guide – Grand Prix Rose


Name: ‘Grand Prix’ rose

Description: The most popular and romantic of all flowers and available in a huge variety of colours.

Season: Summer

Good for: Bouquets for brides, the bridal party, buttonholes and decorating the reception venue. This variety is very popular for winter weddings.

Beginner’s Guide – Anemone


Name: Anemone

Description: Available in more than 100 varieties. The brilliant pinks, purples and reds are popular for weddings.

Season: Spring


Good for: Trendy posies full of bright colours.