Meet designer florist Sabine Darrall

Sabine runs G Lily in Somerset

Sabine Darrall – Wedding Shot


What’s inspiring you right now?


American style. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the team at Artfool in New York. The director Matthew is a contributing editor on Martha Stewart wedding magazine where I get a lot of my inspiration from.

Describe your latest flower collection in three words.

Elegant country chic!What made you create such a varied and directional collection for 2009/10?

I wanted to create designs that could be interchangeable and that wouldn’t date.

Creating something too different is risky, classic is always best but giving people the option to mix and match helps create something unique.

Sabine Darrall – White Roses


What is the deciding factor for brides choosing their flowers?

Usually color first as it  dictates many elements of a wedding.

What makes your flowers stand out from the rest?

Unusual combinations of flower varieties, containers and small details.

Sabine Darrall – Blue Reith


What’s the most satisfying thing about creating flowers for weddings

Developing a relationship with the bride over a period of time and seeing all the elements come together on the day.

What makes you choose your flowers? And which flowers are your secret favourite

Definitely the seasons. I like to choose flowers that are naturally available rather than being forced and I love English violets

Sabine Darrall – Pink Rose Posy


What kind of bride would choose your designs on her special day?

Someone who appreciates the small details that complete a look.

What’s the best ‘first dance’ song you’ve ever heard at a wedding?

I’m usually gone by the first dance but it would have to be The Beautiful South’s version of ‘Dream a little dream.’

Sabine Darrall -Cream, Pink Rose Bouquet


What’s the best form of entertainment you’ve experienced at a wedding?

The singing waiters

What is your favourite ‘wedding’ cocktail?

I would choose a classic Margarita.

When you get married or when you got married, what flowers will you have?

Icelandic poppies.


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