Meet expert florist Chantal Flores

We get to know what makes her tick

White Tiered Flower Cake


What’s inspiring you right now?


It’s always colour! I can’t get enough of it! I love to create colour schemes that make your mouth water, that look good enough to eat!  Just like perfumes and music, colour to me can evoke a range of emotions and this is what inspires me.

Describe your latest flower collection in three words.

Intense, sensuous, luxurious.

What made you create such a varied and directional collection for 2009/10?

No one wedding is the same as another. All have their own personality and my designs reflect this.

What is the deciding factor for brides choosing their flowers?

It really depends on the individual couple and their vision for their perfect day. Some couples are very certain of their look, others need more guidance. What is for sure is colour, texture and seasonality are all important, as is the overall style of the wedding and the venue.

What makes your flowers stand out from the rest?

I love what I do!  Quite simply I put my heart and soul into every wedding!  My service is bespoke so every wedding is designed down to the last detail through a thorough consultation process Just as a bride will have fittings to ensure a good fit for the dress, I believe the flowers should be a good fit with my couple and their relationship.

Lime Flower Arrangement


What’s the most satisfying thing about creating flowers for weddings?

An old romantic at heart, I love creating a unique backdrop that will stay in my couple’s memories for the rest of their lives. After what is sometimes months of preparation there is nothing to beat the feeling of looking out over a dressed venue and knowing that you made that happen.

What makes you choose your flowers? And which flowers are your secret favourite?

The design, the season, the couple!  Some flowers just suit some people better than others.  Personal favourite, it would have to be gardenia for its grace and perfume.

What kind of bride would choose your designs on her special day?

A smart bride!

Flowered Candle Stick


What’s the best ‘first dance’ song you’ve ever heard at a wedding?

You are my sunshine … it just made me smile.

What’s the best form of entertainment you’ve experienced at a wedding?

A band called Rollercoaster, absolutely fantastic. They’re linked to my websie, they got everyone on the dance floor within seconds, and the floor was full all night.

Pink Gardenia Posy


What is your favourite ‘wedding’ cocktail?

I think this would depend on the time of year: champagne in spring,  pimms in summer, mulled cider in the autumn, mulled wine in the winter!

When you get married or when you got married, what flowers will you have?

It would have to be a wired posy of stephanotis pips studded with pearl pins, or a small posy of gardenia. I just love the perfume and simplicity of these bouquets, understated  yet luxurious in their beauty.


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