Meet expert florist Mary Jane Vaughan

Find out what makes her tick

Mary Jane Vaughn – Pink And Purple Flowers


Describe your latest flower collection in 3 words:


Simple, elegant and classical

What made you create such a varied and directional collection in 2009/10

I think that all weddings should be like a banquet: romantic, generous, elegant. I  have sought to achieve this look with the use of quite grand props – towering candelabra and vases – but keeping the flowers unfussy and simple.

Mary Jane Vaughn – Pink Trailing Centrepiece


What makes your flowers stand out from the rest?

If they do stand out from the rest, I hope that they are perceived as grand in scale but  contemporary in their simplicity.

What is the most satisfying thing about creating flowers for weddings?

All the hard work is worth it for the moment when you are just about to leave the room you have been working on, and you turn round to have one last look. The lights are dimmed, the candles are flickering, the flowers  look as they should. The feeling of having been able to transform a room with your work is unbeatable.

What makes you choose your flowers? And which flowers are your secret favourite?

I don’t choose the flowers – the bride does.  I will always show her lots of flowers that go with the look she is seeking, and then do samples for her – so that it is always her choice. My secret favourite is a garden rose. The scent and texture are amazing, the colours they come in so varied.

Mary Jane Vaughn – Pink Orchids


What kind of bride would choose your designs on her special day?

I would like to think that I would be chosen as a florist who will try very hard to understand what she would like, and will always respect that it is her day. However, I think I am not too good at whacky flowers – I am better at classical, simple and full.

What’s the best form of entertainment you have experienced at a wedding?

Simply good live music.

What flowers would you choose for your wedding?

Beautifully scented garden roses.

Mary Jane Vaughn – Cream Arrangement


What is the deciding factor for brides choosing their flowers?

Most of the times, season is the deciding factor, even though the bride is not conscious of it. When you’re thinking of a summer wedding, you think of the blousey, full flowers mixed with light foliage – and so peonies, hydrangeas and full garden roses serve well. If, instead, it is early spring, you imagine a cleaner, crisper look with hardly any foliage – just like spring itself, with tulips, lily of the valley, blossom, etc. Winter, and you choose deep dark flowers with dark green glossy foliage. I recently had a bride getting married in September – because her favourite colour was orange!

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