Meet the flower sisters

What's inspiring them just now? Get to know what makes them tick right here.

Flower Sisters – French Chic Flowers


What’s inspiring you right now?


As three sisters, we generally never agree, but we all love French provincial chic! It’s a mix of gorgeous natural colours and materials with a little vintage thrown in for good measure. Imagine plenty of cut glass crystal, thick cotton napkins and vintage silver bowls overflowing with  crisp white flowers and zesty green foliage. Scrumptious!

Flower Sisters – Classic Roses


Describe your latest flower collection in three words:

Glamorous, Classic, Timeless

What made you create such a varied and directional collection for 2009/10?

Being a London based florist we meet brides having both city and country weddings with tastes that range from cutting edge to classical. Our designs have to work in such a wide variety of venues we are constantly experimenting with new concepts to create the very best displays.

Flower Sisters – Flower Reith


What is the deciding factor for brides choosing their flowers?

Brides generally come to us with colours in mind and a general sense of their preferred flowers, but following a consultation with us we find the deciding factor is how the flowers make them feel. A bride’s wedding is such a reflection of their personality and the flowers should be too. We always find the wedding dress a great indicator of the type of flowers a bride will end up choosing!

What makes your flowers stand out from the rest? 

Hayford & Rhodes has been trading for over 80 years and has managed to do so of the back of using very high quality flowers. Our designs can be very simple or ultra glamorous, but we always try to stay true to our classic routes and never compromise on quality.

Flower Sisters – White Flowers In Vase


What’s the most satisfying thing about creating flowers for weddings?

As creative people it has to be the moment the flowers are installed at the wedding venue. So often the flowers are the final touch and without fail transform the room. Flowers are also such a memorable part of a wedding day, so it’s very satisfying to know that we contributed to making a bride’s day unforgettable.

What makes you choose your flowers? And which flowers are your secret favourite?

We work with flowers that are in season and compliment each other. We are all drawn to big blowsy English flowers like peonies and hydrangea as they are great to work with, but following a consensus in the shop our secret favorites include much smaller flowers such as snowdrops, sweetpeas, anemones, muscari and of course lily of the valley!

What kind of bride would choose your designs on her special day?

Brides who choose Hayford & Rhodes for their wedding flowers often see their flowers as an important part of their day. Our brides value elegance and style – whether it’s classic or contemporary, they want a touch of glamour.

What’s the best ‘first dance’ song you’ve ever heard at a wedding? ‘Lets get it started in here’ by the Black Eyed Peas. I only pick this song because the bride and groom choreographed an entire dance routine and had all the guests bent double laughing – it was a great way to fill the dance floor!

Flower Sisters -Autumn Bouquet


What is your favourite ‘wedding’ cocktail?

A sparkly cosmo! A variation on the classic cosmo including citron vodka and a layer of champagne fizz. Think Sex in the City meets Ab Fab. Lethal, but lovely!

When you get married or when you got married, what flowers will you have?

Amy, the eldest sister got married two years ago in a beautiful traditional marquee and had huge clouds of gypsophilia in tall fluted vases. Simple but stunning!

Laura got married last year in a 14th century barn and had glamorous 4ft candelabra heaving with peonies, hydrangea, roses and delphinium. Very English and opulent!

Joanna has her heart set on an exotic arabian style tent stuffed full of vibrant clashing flowers in fuschia pinks, purples and burnt orange. Colourful, just like Jo!


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