Meet top florist Zita Elze

What's inspiring her right now? Find out more here. Zita runs Zita Elze flowers in Richmond Surrey.

Zita Elze – Pink Rose Bouquet


What’s inspiring you right now?


I grew up in Brazil, so I get very excited by the changing seasons in this country. Now in late spring, I can almost feel the new life in the fresh new leaves, flowers in bud and early blossom.

Describe your latest flower collection in three words.

Naturalistic, elegant, evocative.

Zita Elze – Cerise Rose Bouquet


What is the deciding factor for brides choosing their flowers?

Once my brides have found the theme for their wedding, the flowers follow naturally. Anything can become a theme as long as it has a special meaning for that bride….the season, a style, a memory, a piece of personal jewellery even.

What makes your flowers stand out from the rest?

My style is natural, elegant, evocative and often very detailed, like floral embroidery. I like to use many, many flowers and foliages to give texture, depth and lasting interest to every single beautiful piece.

Zita Elze – Peach Roses


What’s the most satisfying thing about creating flowers for weddings?

The feedback! It’s very touching. My brides always cry or kiss me when they see their flowers for the first time. Their emotion is very rewarding.

What makes you choose your flowers? And which flowers are your secret favourite?

I like to buy flowers in their natural season, when they are at their freshest and most abundant so that I can use them very generously in my wedding work.

I have a passion for the scented garden roses and sweet peas grown in Britain.

Zita Elze – Pink And Cream Table Decoration


What kind of bride would choose your designs on her special day?

Brides come to me in search of something very special, quite magical. Many ask me to style their day for them, which I absolutely love to do, but others just want a very, very special wedding bouquet.


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