Robbie Honey on how to choose the right wedding flowers

We called in botanical adventurer Robbie Honey to share his top tips on flowers for your wedding day. And he unveils five top secrets that we guarantee you didn’t know about blooms…


Match the style of your dress to the style of your bouquet

Don’t do a Scarlet O’Hara dress with a Grace Kelly Bouquet! For a romantic theme choose lily of the valley. For a chic/smart look use a French posy of white roses studded with white crystals or pearls. For a contemporary feel use crystal blush calla lilies or a cascade of white phalenopsis orchids. For a summer wedding use blush peonies with a collar of white sweet peas.


Choose colours carefully

The colour palette of flowers is as important as that of your dresses – match swatches of fabric to flowers or the result could be flowers in Barbie pink when the pink you envisioned was palest blush.


Personalise your bouquet

Your bouquet is a unique statement of personal style and is as important as any other accessory. It is key that your bouquet should stand out from your bridesmaids either in style, shape or colour.  Include pretty embellishments such as sparkling crystals to stamens of flowers such as stephanotis or tuberose.


5 things you didn’t know about flowers…

Tulips are one of the few flowers that continue to grow once cut so it’s worth cutting them short before arranging them. 

Cut daffodils release a substance which is toxic to other flowers so they are best arranged on their own. 

Hydrangea heads can be dunked into a bath of cold water for a couple of hours to ensure longevity – they drink through their flower heads too.  


The Gloriosa lily is the national flower of Zimbabwe and this wonderful flower makes a striking buttonhole. 


Roses, Dutch Lilac, Hydrangea, and Guelder Rose that have prematurely wilted can be revived by recutting the stems and placing them in a small amount of near boiling water.