Wedding flower trends, according to Pinterest

How many of these on-trend decor ideas will you be having at your big day?

This month our favourite inspiration source Pinterest released a report on the biggest wedding flower trends for 2018, and we have to say, there are some incredible ideas in there.


Scroll down to the see the biggest wedding flower trends for 2018 – we bet you’re including a few of them at your big day.

Image: Alberto Ballbé

Potted plants

Far from a simple bouquet, this year’s wedding flowers are a much more diverse affair. Potted plants are set to be a big look (searches for these have gone up 782%) – they’re a gorgeous way to decorate your wedding aisle, so we can see why.

Image: Ria Mishaal

Suspended flowers

Suspended flowers are set to be a big trend too, with searches for this striking look growing by 346% – we’re obsesses with this look, but know we’ll need quite the generous budget to embrace this look.


Floral cocktails

Floral cocktails are set to be a big trend too (+247%) – we’re thinking drinks with beautiful blooms floating in them.


Minimal arrangements

Whereas cascading bouquets were all the rage in 2017, minimalist arrangements are the flower look to embrace this year. Think single, muted colours and botanical leafy greens.


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