Wedding flowers for winter

Our favourite blooms for your winter wedding

Winter Flowers – Camellia



Glorious open-faced flower ranging from a single row of petals to overlapping multi-row.

Perfect for: Its glossy, dark green leaves make it a favourite for buttonholes and table arrangements.


A delicate, pure white bell-like flower that is one of the classic bridal blooms. Works well with other white flowers.

Perfect for: Hand-tied posies and for smaller table arrangements. The flowers are small so you’ll need lots to make and impact.


Dense spike of tiny bell-shaped blooms on a single stem. Varieties come in a range of colours, including pure white, shades of baby pink and baby blue.

Perfect for: Table centres as the flowers have a stunning scent.


Single forms resemble tulips or poppies; double forms resemble roses or peonies.

Perfect for: Using in a bouquet or table arrangement. Double white lisianthus looks particularly lovely.


Tiny, star-shaped flowers growing in delicate pear-shaped clusters along the branch. Available in white, mauve or pink. The purple-flowered varieties have the strongest scent.

Perfect for: Colourful table arrangements


Sprays of hot or pale pink trumpet-shaped flowers.

Perfect for: Quite exotic so good for unusual centrepieces or bouquets. Would be an excellent choice for a wedding with a tropical theme or for marrying abroad.


An evergreen shrub with yellowish-green flowers. Gives any arrangement a contemporary look.

Perfect for: A great year-round addition to venue arrangements and more elaborate bouquets.


An unusual, fan-shaped flower with three large petals in blue, white, yellow, brown or lilac.

Perfect for: Table decorations, either on its own or mixed in with other flowers for a country-style arrangement.


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