Dos and don’ts for your gift list

Getting your wedding gift list right will make life easier for you and your guests - and it can be a fun day out for you and your groom too!

Gift list advice

When it comes to wedding planning, organising your gift list is right up there with fun tasks like menu tasting. The challenge is deciding where to place your wedding list, what to include and how to let your guests know about it. Follow our crucial dos and don’ts to create a list of gifts you really love and keep your guests happy at the same time.


DO put a large amount of items on your gift list. It’s better to have too many things than too few, giving wedding guests more variety of choice.

DO make sure there is a broad range of prices. Some guests may not choose to spend much, while others will want to club together with other friends and be looking to spend more.

DON’T leave it too late to organise your list. Details should be available to guests when the invitations are sent out around eight weeks before the wedding.

DON’T just ask for money and vouchers. More traditional guests may be a little offended by this, so it is a good idea to set up at least a small, practical list.

DO consider an alternative list. If you’re the couple that has everything for your home, how about setting up a wine list, a gardening list…or even a charity list?

DO include your gift list in your invitations if you like, but you might not want to mention it to guests invited to the evening-only party.

DO set up more than one list if you’d like to. One could feature practical items and the other could be a more alternative list, although more than two lists could get a little complicated!

DO check exactly what your gift list includes. Many companies will offer free delivery and incentives such as a discount on anything that remains on your list after the wedding.

DO choose a list that is easy for your guests to use. Some friends or family may not have access to the internet so it’s important that they can order presents over the phone or by visiting a store in person.

DO choose your list together…and be fair! There might be some items that one of you really wants and the other doesn’t so you may have to employ a little give and take before you make your final decision. 


Photo John Lewis