How to start your gift list

When it comes to choosing your wedding presents, it's not always easy to know where to begin. Our quick and easy guide will set you on the right path for gorgeous gifting

Your guests will probably want to shower you with gifts come your big day (winning!), so how about setting up a gift list to facilitate this? We answer your burning gift list questions. Once you’ve mastered the basics from this quick and easy guide, move on to the finer details with our complete guide to wedding gift lists!


How many gifts should a list include?

You & Your Wedding recommends two items for each invitation you send, so your guests have a wide range of products to choose from. Select gifts from a range of prices to make it easier for your guests.

What’s the etiquette for asking for gifts?

It’s acceptable to assume that people will want to buy you wedding presents, so don’t feel like you’re being rude by asking for specific gifts. To give your guests enough notice, it’s a good idea to provide a note with your invitations, or mention it on your wedding website. This can be something short and sweet, such as, “Your presence at our wedding
is enough, but if you do wish to buy us something, here’s a link to our gift list”.

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Will we have to go into a shop to pick things out?

Some gift-list providers have their own shops or showrooms, where you can go and browse the goods in person. Alternatively, most also have websites and apps, so you can complete your entire list online.

What presents can we ask for?

Depending on the company, a gift list can include virtually anything! From fitness equipment to tech gadgets, and travel essentials to monthly subscriptions for things like wine and flowers, if it’s provided, it can be listed. If you’re not looking for presents, there are alternatives – you could ask for contributions to your honeymoon, vouchers, or even donations to a charity.

Get the gifts you’ve always dreamed of

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What if we want something expensive?

Look out for companies that provide group gifting – it allows guests to contribute collectively to part of the cost of an expensive item. So if you want a sound system, a smart sofa, or something else that would be a major investment, then your guests can help.

What if we change our mind about a gift?

Check if your gift-list company gives you the option to move a monetary contribution already
paid to a different item they offer.
If you decide that you’d probably get more use out of a cocktail shaker than a fitness watch, then you can go ahead and do a swap.

When will we receive our presents?

Some gift-list companies wait a while after your wedding day to close your gift list, just so any not-so-organised guests (tut, tut) can still get you something fabulous or pay towards a present – so check when you’re making your list. Also, some providers will keep track of who bought what, so you can organise your thank-you notes accordingly.

What if we already have enough homewares?

If you’ve already kitted out your home, you might not need basic items. However, this is a great opportunity to upgrade to luxury, long-lasting products. Say hello to that Wedgwood tea set you’ve dreamed of!


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