This Couple Asked for Contributions Towards IVF Treatment as a Wedding Gift

Rather than drawing up a gift list or asking for a honeymoon fund, this couple asked for something that will last much longer…

It’s becoming evermore common to ask for cash as a wedding gift, be it to go towards a honeymoon fund or kitting out your kitchen, but this couple asked for something a little different, and in the most lovely way we can imagine.


Laura and Leanne Tyreman-Guest wrote a poem in their wedding invitations, letting their guests know that any monetary gifts they received would go towards their IVF treatment.

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Image | Kirsti Cox

“As a same sex female couple already owning our house and having already merged two sets of stuff, we didn’t need anything, except the one thing we want more than anything,” explains Laura.

“I wrote a poem stating that we didn’t need anything, but that any money given would go towards IVF. I didn’t specifically ask for money for that, just said that’s what we’d spend it on and let people make their own choices. It went down really well and six months on we’ve just contacted the clinic to begin treatment.”

We’ve posted Laura’s beautiful poem below – hankies at the ready!


“We’ve got our home and we’ve got each other,
But with three lovely bedrooms there’s room for another.

We’d move out the furniture, paint it yellow and green,
The most beautiful nursery the world’s ever seen.

The thing we want most is a new addition to our nest, 
Got the eggs and the oven we just need the rest! 

Our journey to motherhood will be quite a crawl,
It’s something we hope to achieve with the support of you all. 

So if you’d like to help make our family complete,
We need IVF – not things, stuff or treats. 

We hope you’ll take this verse with the intention it’s meant,
But that’s where any money given as gifts will be spent.”

If you’re not such a word-smith as Laura, but would love to include a poem asking for money in your invitation, check out these money poems for the best ways to ask for contributions