Disabled teenager shocked at being excluded from family wedding

A teenage girl has taken to reddit to share her heartbreak at not being invited to her aunt’s wedding because of her disability.

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We all know you can’t invite everyone to a wedding, and usually there is a legitimate excuse, such as the venue being too small, or simply that you can’t afford to invite too many people.


However this isn’t always the case, as one teenage girl learned the hard way. While her parents and two brothers were invited to her aunt’s wedding, she was left off the guest list… because she is disabled.

Taking to reddit to vent her anger, the 15-year-old wrote, “ I’m just very upset now because my aunt’s wedding is soon and I learned that I can’t go to the wedding because she didn’t invite me. I have a physical disability and I need crutches but I can handle myself. The invitation to our family says my parents and my brothers.


My dad talked to my aunt and she thought that the venue isn’t friendly and comfortable for me and that’s why she didn’t invite me. If that’s the only reason, isn’t that something I should decide? Maybe I can handle myself in that venue. Maybe my brother and dad will help me if I needed help. She excluded me because I have a disability.”

She explained that disappointingly, her parents told her it was her aunt’s wedding, and therefore needed to respect her wishes.

“I told them that if she thinks I’m not good enough to be at her wedding then I don’t want to see her or talk to her again but they tell me that I should continue to be a good niece and respect her and be friendly with her. I don’t understand why? Do I have a right to be upset and not wanting to talk to her again?”


Fellow reddit users jumped to her defence, criticising the aunt for not being inclusive, thought some questioned whether it was simply that the venue wasn’t accessible.

The girl, posting under the username Zinogirl, replied, “I checked online. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Even my aunt didn’t say it’s inaccessible, she said it’s uncomfortable. I don’t see any need to go there and see it in person.”

While it’s unclear what form of disability Zinogirl has, she made it clear to others that she could handle herself, and that her brothers could help her out if need be.

Though her parents had sided with her aunt, she revealed her brothers wanted to boycott the wedding to show their support.


She added, “I wish my aunt didn’t remotely care about my disability and had treated me like any other niece or nephew. But she treated me differently.”

Some users questioned the aunt’s motives, to which Zinogirl replied that she didn’t do it out of “pity, it’s genuine concern for my well-being. She doesn’t want me to see other girls my age do the things I can’t do and feel jealous and inadequate.”


While this makes it sound like the aunt was sort of worried about her niece’s feelings, we can’t help but think that she made it worse by not at least asking her how she felt about it, and effectively excluding her completely.