Wedding Guests Reveal what they Hate most about Weddings

Wedding guests have revealed what annoys them most about weddings - and we think you might be surprised…

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s always good to keep your guests in mind; although it’s very much your day, your way, you still want them to have a good time!


Jeweller Goldsmiths conducted a survey, revealing what guests find most annoying about the weddings they’re invited too, from overly long speeches, to long waits for food, and we were rather surprised by the results.

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The biggest annoyance for those surveyed, with 39% griping about it, is being invited to hen / stag do abroad, closely followed by screaming children, which  36% people said was their least favourite thing about weddings – all the more reason for a child-free wedding!

Drunken relatives came in third, with 34% whinging about them, while an inconvenient wedding location riled up 29% of those surveyed – that’s definitely high on our list – there’s nothing worse than having to catch multiple trains and taxis to get to the ceremony!

Long and cringeworthy speeches were complained about by 29%, while 26% of people said an overly lengthy ceremony got their goat. A long wait for food annoyed 25% of people, and 22% were irritated by not being given a plus one.

Finally, 17% of people hate being asked for money as a wedding gift, and 13% of people hate when a wedding falls on a weekday – we guess people are precious about their annual leave!


Having read this, will you be changing any of your wedding plans to please your guests?