11 subtle and classy hen do costume ideas you’ll love

Don't want want to dress up in novelty fancy dress but still want something a bit different to your normal party dress? You're going to love these subtle costume ideas.


1. Black and white
For a chic monochrome theme, get your friends and family to wear LBDs while the bride wears a little white dress – the bonus with this is that most of them will probably own one so you can save a few pennies for the booze instead!


2. Breton tops
A lovely way to add a French theme to proceedings is to all wear a striped top, which you can easily dress up with a cute skirt and heels. Not a fake garlic necklace in sight!

3. Flower crowns
For a fun festival vibe, you can’t go wrong with fresh flower crowns, and this doubles up as a fun workshop to do with your hens.


4. Tiaras
Yes, tiaras CAN be subtle. Pop into your local Claire’s as they have really nice ones, and then accessorise with them on your night out. If you’d like, add a veil for the bride.

5. Honeymoon theme
Unsure of what theme to go for? Be inspired by your honeymoon. So say you’re going to Hawaii, go for dresses with a tropical print, or wear flower garlands around your neck.

6. Vintage
Whether it’s a fun 20s flapper style or a more retro 50s dress, a vintage theme is always a good idea, and you can easily theme your hen do around it. For example, you could get a 50s makeover, or go to a Charleston dance class.


7. Pink
What could be more girly than everyone in pastel pink dresses or tutus, sipping on pink martinis? Throw in some pink cupcakes for good measure, and you’ve got the perfect pink theme.

8. Glitter
Give your hen do a sparkling twist by telling everyone to wear glitter. This is perfect as those not into dress-up can simply wear subtle glitter accessories, while others might want to go all out with a full-on glitter dress. The pictures will look amazing, trust us.

10. Black and bling
This theme is becoming more and more popular as you don’t need much to make it work, just a black outfit and, as the name suggests, a bit of bling. Again, it can be as subtle as a few gold bangles or as bold as a statement faux diamond necklace – think Breakfast at Tiffany’s.



11. Animal print
Dressing up as zoo animals might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so going instead for animal print clothes is a much better option. Who doesn’t have a leopard print top or shoes already in their closet?