A really high percentage of people lie to get out of a hen-do – and we are shocked at their reason!

Women reveal the hen-do activities that make them dread attending a hen-do

There’s nothing we love like a perfectly planned hen-do, but we know the idea of strippers, Mr & Mrs games and fun hen-do accessories are enough to make some people break out in a cold sweat.


Booking.com conducted a survey, and it revealed that 54% of people have lied to get out of a hen-do, purely because of the activities it was going to include.

 So what are the activities that hens dread?

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57% of people said they decided not to attend because there would be a stripper, 43% said the fact that there would be inflatable toys was enough to make them RSVP ‘no’, while 28% opted out of their friends’ hen-do because of fancy dress. 

We love Mr & Mrs games, but 25% hate them enough to make them miss a hen-do, and 22% of people are so embarrassed by tongue in cheek hen-do accessories that L plates made them reconsider attending! 

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Knowing what all these hens don’t want is all well and good, but what do they want from a hen-do?! An exotic location, it seems. 

27% of brides-to-be wanted to go to Barcelona, while 26% of people fancied jetting off to Ibiza, 24% want to party with TOWIE in Marbella, and 23% wanted a classy affair in Paris.


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