The Best Hen Party Game Ideas

Let us help you create a hen party of dreams with this list of the best fun games to play at a hen do

You’ve planned the ultimate hen party, bought the hen party accessories, and compiled the getting ready playlist but no hen party is complete with a few hen party games.


Whatever kind of do you’re organising, from quirky hen parties to more laid back bridal showers, playing party games is a sure way to keep energy levels up and get everyone laughing. Plus, when you bring a group of girls together who don’t necessarily know each other, they’ll thank you for finding ways to break the ice.

From grown-up pass the parcel to dare bingo, these games are all about fun, silliness and making sure the bride has a hen do to remember (or maybe not, depending on how much booze is involved)!

What a fabulous wedding dress…

Toilet roll fashion show

Divide the group into teams and make someone from each be the ‘model’ – the rest of team’s task is to create a wedding dress out of toilet roll. Just make sure you keep each outfit a secret until the big reveal, when the models will take part in a catwalk to show off their team’s creations. This one is a favourite of our art editor!

Been there, done that

Get everyone to write a funny anecdote they’ve experienced relating to men or dating, then the bride-to-be reads each one aloud and guesses who it relates to.

Banned words

Before the big night out, while you’re still chilling in your amazing hen do villa, get the bride or chief hen to write a list of words that no one is allowed to say, and if anyone forgets, they have to face the consequence like a shot or a dare. The husband-to-be is a particularly fun word to ban.

Mr & Mrs quiz

Ask the groom a list of questions ahead of the hen do so that you can test how well the bride knows him by seeing if their answers match. You could even get high tech and video his responses, letting him reveal each one himself as you go along. Check out our Mr & Mrs quiz questions for inspiration for your game.

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Scavenger hunt

Issue every hen with a list of things they have to retrieve by the end of the night. Make it as easy or difficult as you like – but everyone’s should be different to encourage group participation! To heat up the competition, offer a prize for the person who collects the most.

Pin the bouquet on the bride

Like the childhood ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game, all you need for this is paper, something to draw with, a pin and a blindfold. There’s a naughty version too but we’ll let you use your imagination on that one…

If your hen do is themed, (i.e.. a Harry Potter themed hen party) this game can be tailored to fit the theme, such as pin the scar on Harry.

Embarrassing photo contest

Every hen has to bring along an embarrassing photo of the bride-to-be – it’s her job to decide which photo belongs to who! This is a great way of bringing up fun memories.

Pass the parcel

Put an adult twist on this kids’ party game by swapping sweets for naughty hen party paraphernalia and mini shots.

Dare bingo

Make or buy dare bingo cards for each hen so that they can work through the tasks over the course of the night – the first girl to get a full house wins a prize! make it even more fun by dressing up in a hen do costume before you hit the town.


This is the storytelling game you used to play at sleepovers, when a piece of paper is passed around and everyone writes part of a story, folding the page over as they go along. The finished tale will hopefully be hilarious when it’s read aloud by the bride. Here’s the classic consequences structure: Boy’s name/girl’s name/they met at/he said/ she said/and the consequence was.


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