The Average Cost of a Hen Party is £507 – Better get Saving!

Can you guess what the most money goes on?

We all know weddings can be a costly endeavour, but have you ever considered the cost of of a hen party? (If you’re a spreadsheet queen like us, you probably have.)


Believe it or not, the average price of a hen (or stag) party, per person, is £507!

A survey conducted by Banana Moon Clothing revealed than over a quarter of people confessed to having spent more money attending their friends’ parties than on their own holidays and a third (33%) of those invited on a hen/ stag party have been expected to take annual leave.

Question is, how much did that confetti cost?

Wondering where all your money goes?

£109 travel
£90 accommodation
£75 alcohol
£50 clothes
£63 activities
£57 food
£63 pre-wedding gifts

Thinking £507 is a bit on the costly side? You’re not alone.

Four in five adults (80%) said stag and hen dos are becoming too expensive and nearly half of the respondents (46%) said that they’ve felt pressured into attending a party that they couldn’t afford.

Worry not though, the money is well spent. Over a third of people surveyed said they had a better time at the hen party than the wedding itself , and a fifth said they had a better time at their pal’s party than on holiday with their partner – eek!


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