friends themed hen do party

The best hen party tshirts for your hen do

No hen do is complete without novelty bridal party t shirts - trust us

If you’ve been on a hen do in the last few years, you’ll know that hen do accessories are BIG news. From personalised badges, classy sashes to temporary hen do tattoos, there’s a plethora of hen party accessories out there, but we have to say, our favourite is the humble hen do t shirt.


Hen do t shirts give us total school trip vibes; remember when your whole class trekked around museums in hi-ves jackets so your harried teaching assistant could spot you a mile off? Hen party t shirts work the same way; they let everyone in the vicinity know you’re on a hen do (wooo!) and help you find your friends when you’re in crowded clubs or busy city squares.

Personalised hen do t shirts are extra fun; you can have the dates of your hen do written on them, along with the names of all your hens. If you’re looking for cheap hen do t shirts, or don’t have the budget to buy everyone a personalised hen do tops, lots of high street stores stocked amazing hen do accessories and t shirts.

If you’re having a themed hen do (a Harry Potter hen do, for example), there are amazing themed hen do tops out there, for almost any themed hen do from Game of Thrones hen dos to Friends themed hen dos.

If you’re inviting your mum along on your hen do, there are even mother of the bride t shirts to help her feel like part of the gang!

Hen do tshirts needn’t be thrown away post-hen weekend either; they can be worn on the wedding morning while you’re all getting ready in the bridal suite too and act as a fun souvenir of the trip.

Scroll through our edit of the best hen do party tops for every budget.


Black and gold hen do top, £6, Matalan.

friends themed hen do party

Friends themed hen do top, £12.69, Etsy.

maid of honour hen do t shirt

Maid of honour hen do top, £5, Asda.


Fun hen do tops, £8.09, Etsy.

game of thrones hen do t shirt

Game of Thrones hen do tops, £4, Etsy.

mother of the bride hen do t shirt

Mother of the bride hen do top, £5, Asda.


Personalised hen do t shirt, £8.99, Etsy.

pink bridesmaid hen do top

Pink hen do top, £9.12, Boohoo.

red bridesmaid hen do top

Red hen do top, £6, Matalan.

white and gold hen do top

White and gold hen do top, £6.09, Boohoo.

white hen do t shirt

White hen do t shirt, £6, Matalan.