Three stripper-free stag ideas your groom hasn’t heard before

Andrew Shanahan, editor of Staggered , the online guide to weddings and stag-do ideas for blokes, shares his unexpected party picks

Stag do advice

1. For stags on a budget… Park decathlon


Organise 10 quasi-sporting events that you can do at your local park or nearest expanse of field. For bonus points you can tailor the events to the groom’s eccentricities and have prizes for winners, forfeits for the losers.

2. For thrill-seekers… Stuntman training

Most Stag Dos generally involve somebody falling over, into or off something, but at a stuntman course, trained staff will teach you and your mates how to do it with destructive style. Try the British Action Academy (britishactionacademy.com).

3. For quirky types (and guys who’ll bet on anything)… Rubber duck racing

Perfect for a laid-back afternoon by the river, these charity races take place nationwide and are the ideal place to enjoy a few drinks outdoors. Betting ludicrous amounts of cash can keep things interesting, as can comedy duck suits for the stags. Check out greatbritishduckrace.co.ukfor inspiration, or Google events in your area.


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