How to write a letter to your partner on your wedding morning

Make your wedding day extra romantic by writing your groom a letter for him to read before the ceremony 

Your wedding day is going to be the most romantic day of your life, you’re marrying your soul mate, after all, but if you want to make it even more special, why not write your partner a letter to read on your wedding morning?


Giving the groom a letter on the morning of your wedding is one of the more modern wedding traditions, but it’s one that doesn’t cost a penny, and is something your partner is sure to treasure for years to come.

In an age where handwritten letters are becoming less and less common, a wedding morning love letter will be even more memorable.


What to write to your husband on your wedding morning

If you’ve written your own vows for your wedding, or penned your wedding speech, you’ll know it can be hard to put your love into words. The good news is, this letter is just for your partner – it won’t be read out in front of everyone at your wedding ceremony, or have a big audience listening in at the reception so it can be as personal as you want.

It doesn’t have to be funny, or impressive, it just needs to be you, speaking from the heart.

Include memories in your wedding letter

Your wedding morning letter is the perfect opportunity to remind your partner exactly why you love them, from silly memories from your first date, to touching times they’ve supported you, to private jokes only the two of you would understand.

Before putting pen to paper, note down all of your favourite memories together and decide which ones would be good to include.

Borrow words from others

If finding ways to communicate your feelings is proving to be difficult, borrow lyrics from one of your favourite songs together, or lines from poetry or even passages from your favourite novel if he’s a book lover.

Wedding readings can work equally well in your letter to your partner, just borrow specific passages that speak to you.

Calm his nerves

If you know your husband has been feeling nervous about the wedding day (being the centre of attention isn’t for everyone), use your wedding morning letter to reassure him and calm his nerves.

Remind him the day is just about the two of you, spending the rest of your lives together, and that everyone is there because they love you as a couple.

If it’s the thought of speaking in front of everyone at the ceremony that’s making him nervous, write down everything else about the day there is to look forward to, from the canapés, to the sit down meal, to all the dancing there is to come – looking ahead to parts of the day he’ll enjoy are a surefire way to ease his nerves.

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How to finish your wedding letter


It’s always nice to sign off the letter with a line or two about how much you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together – “see you at the alter!” is also a cute sign off.