Alice’s Bridal Bootcamp #1: Hello!

There's a new fitness blogger in town! Runnersworld.co.uk web editor Alice is getting married and is determined to reach her target weight before her 2013 wedding. She'll be sharing her experiences and tips in this, her monthly Bridal Bootcamp blog..

Alice Palmer

I’m Alice, editor of runnersworld.co.uk and a VERY excited bride-to-be! My fiancé Max proposed in December – and I’ve been fizzing with excitement (and increasingly addicted to Pinterest) ever since.


Max and I met at university six years ago and have been together since one fateful drunken boogie in freshers’ week. My desire to get married has always been a running joke with our friends but even though we’d talked about it, Max had me convinced that I had a few years more to wait – so the proposal came as a total shock. In fact, I was so surprised and elated I started laughing as soon as I realised what was happening, which must have been very disconcerting for Max!

He’d kept the plans under wraps for months, hidden sketches of the ring (which he designed himself!) in boringly-named folders on his computer and managed to convince me that our pre-Christmas trip to snowy Salzburg would be nothing more than a fancy shopping trip!

As I count down to my summer 2013 wedding – and my target weight – I’ll be sharing my experiences and tips in this monthly Bridal Bootcamp blog (I might slip in some extra weekly tips as well). I’m working hard to lose a stone, taking me from a chubby size 12/14 to a 10 – and I’m determined to do it without crazy diets, juice cleanses or being yelled at by ex-army trainers. We all know (deep down) that the most successful and healthy way to lose weight is to build a long-term lifestyle change. It’s not just about fitting into beautiful dresses (though that’s definitely a motivation for me) – get active, cut out the junk and it’ll benefit your health for the rest of your life. Now it’s time for me to practice what I preach!

As website editor at Britain’s biggest sports magazine, I’m also in the loop with new fitness developments and I promise I’ll bring you the latest classes and trends, separating the fat burners from the fads. I’ll be on the lookout for fitness tips specifically for brides; like you, I want the moves that’ll give me toned and honed upper arms when I throw the bouquet and a smokin’ bikini body for my honeymoon.

In each blog I’ll share:
–    My vital statistics (my weight plus any sporty achievements!)
–    What I did during the month (and any lessons I learned the hard way)
–    My W-Day countdown and planning!

Alice Palmer

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Join Alice next week as she kickstarts her fitness journey