Alice’s Bridal Bootcamp No. 2: Setting Targets

There's a new fitness blogger in town! Runnersworld.co.uk web editor Alice is getting married and is determined to reach her target weight before her 2013 wedding. She'll be sharing her experiences and tips in this, her monthly Bridal Bootcamp blog.

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I’m Alice, editor of runnersworld.co.uk and a VERY excited bride-to-be! My fiancé Max proposed in December – and I’ve been fizzing with excitement (and increasingly addicted to Pinterest) ever since.


Vital statistics: 162cm (5’4”) and 64kg.
What I did this month: Three swims, a couple of runs, yoga, step and ski conditioning classes – and a week’s skiing!
W-Day countdown: I don’t know – we haven’t set a date yet!

Confession number 1: I may be a fitness journalist, but I’m human too and I probably choose the sofa over the gym too often for my own good…

My fiancé Max on the other hand is super fit – for the first three years of our relationship, he got up at silly o’clock to go rowing at least six times a week, and he still pushes himself hard at the gym.

I hated sport at school, but on Max’s encouragement I took up running at university. (I also took up rugby but that didn’t last long – it turns out being shoved into the ground by other women HURTS). Running stuck though, and over an awesome couple of years I got fit, lost weight, ran two marathons and countless other races… and then I got bored. Now I’ve somehow ended up back where I started: chubby and unfit. Except this time, I feel guilty because I know what I’m capable of!

I have 18 months until the big day, so I have plenty of time in hand. But I don’t want to wait – I’ve been carrying these extra pounds for long enough and I can’t wait to get rid. When trying to achieve something like losing a lot of weight, which can take months or even years of hard work to achieve, it’s important to set goals.

Set one big goal (mine is to be 58kg and a size 10) and smaller goals along the way (I’ll be thrilled when I dip under 60kg, and when I get back into my skinny jeans). These smaller goals will give you something achievable to aim for – and a motivation boost when you reach them.

Setting a time target also helps – so us brides are blessed to have that non-negotiable date on the horizon!

So, down in print so I can’t shy away, my targets for 2012:

Weight: 58kg (which would make me a slim size 10)
Exercise to tick off each week: three runs, two gym classes and a swim every week, plus daily core workouts at home.
Sporting targets:

1.    Try every entry-level class at my gym
2.    Enter a sprint triathlon, an open-water swimming race or two, and two half-marathons

I’ll leave you with a reassuring quote, from sportsman Trevor Silvester – one to remember when that mountain seems too hard to climb:

“Anything more than nothing is success. Success comes to the most consistent – you’ll achieve more if you do something every day, rather than not bother at all because you couldn’t do everything you wanted.”

Alice Palmer

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