Almost a quarter of brides are disappointed by their proposal

We were stunned to learn that almost a quarter of brides were disappointed with their proposal and that over two thirds were staying silent about the fact they don't like their engagement ring...

Every bride-to-be has fantasised about her dream wedding proposal and might have dropped a hint about getting engaged or two – so we were very surprised to learn that almost a quarter of women felt their proposal didn’t live up to their expectations.


Jewellers Ingle & Rhode asked 1000 males and females who got engaged within the last ten years for their honest opinions on their proposal and the engagement ring – their findings will shock you!


Infographic courtesy of Ingle & Rhode

23% didn’t get the proposal they’d been dreaming of and shared the top three reasons for their disappointment.

The Setting of the Proposal

Over two thirds of brides were disappointed with the setting of the proposal – perhaps they’d been dreaming about being asked whilst enjoying a candlelit dinner or on a romantic trip, when instead it took place at home…

The Type of Engagement Ring

The ring was another reason brides were less than happy about how the question was popped – 14% said the choice of ring was a factor in their disappointment.

Not Asking Permission

Finally, 7% admitted they felt let down because their partner didn’t go down the traditional route of asking for their father’s permission for their hand in marriage.

About the Choice of Ring…

Let’s be honest – how many of you didn’t like your engagement ring? It was good news for the majority of grooms as most brides were pretty pleased with their ring but those that didn’t like their rock have mostly stayed quiet, with 64% saying they would never tell their partner.

Would you speak up if the engagement ring or proposal weren’t to your satisfaction?


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