Amy’s village hall wedding – 2 weeks to go

Amy's juggling attending other people's weddings with planning her own...

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I’ve just had two weekends of other people’s weddings to go to, so it’s feeling like they’re taking over my life at the moment as my own big day is less than two weeks away!

The first was my cousin Gillian’s in Belfast.  Well I say Belfast… whilst the ceremony was in the city, the reception was in Upperlands, about an hour by coach out of the city. 


The venue was amazing, a great country house hotel called Ardtara all hired exclusively for the wedding – the main problem was not the distance, but how horribly drunk I got whilst waiting to sit down for food. 

The wedding was at 1pm; we didn’t sit down to eat until 6pm, by which stage I had consumed vast quantities of champagne and clearly not enough canapés!  I stuck to water during the meal (which was amazing – a choice of seabass, steak or partridge – I had the seabass which was heavenly) and felt much better for it. 

My uncle’s speech about my cousin, his eldest daughter was suitably moving and there wasn’t a female dry eye in the house (apart from the moment my grandmother told him off for using the F word in an anecdote)!  
As we didn’t know many people, my brother, hubbie-to-be and I spent a good deal of time being cornered by forgotten ancient relatives and subsequently trying to hide from them as well as throwing a lot of shapes on the dance floor. 

My cousin was wearing a necklace I had planned to get from Accessorize so she said she would lend it to me for my ‘something borrowed’, which is a nice touch, and it’ll also save me some pennies!
The second wedding was our lovely neighbours’ at the brides’ parents house in Essex (see the gorgeous photo above).  It was a stunning day, not a cloud in the sky making the setting of the massive marquee on her parents’ farm completely and utterly lovely. 

The bride, Baggy (or Juliet in polite company) is one of those terribly creative brides who had some really fabulous touches to make the whole day special.  For the main course of the meal, each table had a joint of roast beef from the farm (I hear the cow in question was called Frank) and one person was a designated carver with personalised aprons. 

She’s also mad keen on Twitter and had managed to bag a whole load of paper flowers (as you’ll see in the picture) to put in the hedges after admiring them on Twitter.  The woman who creates these mini marvels then offered to lend them to Baggy in return for some pictures of them in situ and a case study – what a result!
In the evening there was a boogie-woogie band and my man and I tried our best to look good on the dance floor.  I am pretty sure we failed miserably, but we did our best and had a wicked time.  
As you can imagine, two consecutive weddings mean that my waistline has taken a beating and this is not good news.  In a reckless moment about four months ago, I ordered my dress in a size too small, something I now very much regret, particularly as I ate my own weight in cheese at Baggy’s wedding and drank a billion bottles of wine at Gillian’s.  Eek.
To finish off the week, I went to check on all the outfits for the wedding as I am getting everything from the same place, Infinita Brides in Caterham – the boys’ suits are all in the shop and look lovely, the bridesmaid’s dresses are in this week but my dress isn’t due until the week of the wedding.  Cue mild nausea. 

I’ve been told that the final fitting arrangements are all manageable within this short space of time, the same can’t be said for my non-existent veil – I just had no idea they took at least eight weeks to make!  I’m afraid I had just assumed that I could pick one up when I got my dress, but I was informed otherwise at the shop on Saturday, oops!

So, I’m getting married NEXT WEEK but don’t actually have my dress in my hands and no veil either – it’s got to the point now that I am so beyond panicking, what will be will be, so we’ll just have to see what the outcome of veilgate will be! I imagine I’ll either have to pick up a sample or pull something rather spectacular out of the bag.
Right I’m off to print menus on templates I bought from Confetti, so far I have three failed attempts and one cranky printer, this really doesn’t bode well…

Wish me luck!

Amy x

Amy’s village hall wedding: 1 month to go


Amy’s village hall wedding: 2 months to go