Bride Buys 67 Courteeners Gig Tickets for Wedding Guests

Having one of the UK's biggest bands at your reception might not cost as much as you'd think, as one bride-to-be found out

Imagine finding out that your favourite band was playing a gig on your wedding day; what would you do? Most likely cut your losses and hope to catch them on another tour in the future.


Bride-to-be Abby Turner did no such thing, instead she opted to snap up 67 tickets to the gig for her whole wedding party, turning the Courteeners’ Manchester Old Trafford gig on May 27 2017, into her wedding reception.

“My fiancé Pete called me one morning to let me know about the gig and I randomly spluttered out ‘let’s have it as part of our big day!'” shares Abby. “I think Pete thought I was joking at first, but he soon realised I wasn’t.”

Image | Chiaki Nozu

“We had originally planned to get married in Italy in 2019, and had been looking at places – but no date was set. We had a deposit saved up for a house but the wedding has taken priority. We were always going to go to the gig, but to be fair – our wedding in Italy probably wouldn’t have topped this!”

Once it was decided the wedding would take place on the day of the gig, Abby and Pete had to get their planning hats on.

“We made a guest list then had a few days to get the money together,” Abby explains. “We didn’t really sleep the night before the tickets went on sale, we were really nervous.”

With gig tickets priced at £49.50 each, the entry for all of Abby and Pete’s guests added up to the hefty sum of £3,316.50 – which when you think of it, is pretty reasonable for a reception complete with entertainment, since the average wedding in 2016 costs £25,090.

A rock concert may not be everyone’s idea of a dream wedding, but luckily Abby and Pete’s friends couldn’t be more on board: “Everyone is buzzing,” enthuses Abby.

“The 67 guests are all music fans. We will spend the morning/afternoon of the wedding day with our parents and grandparents, followed by the gig, which is a mix family and friends. We are huge music fans, we probably go to two or three gigs a month and this gig will be incredible. Our friends have the same music taste as us, so everyone is really looking forward to it.”

At least the couple can cross deciding how to choose their wedding day music off their to-do list!

The Courteeners have promised to make the day extra special too; upon finding out that Abby and Pete had always planned to have their first dance to their hit Take Over The World, the band shared plans to do something memorable for them at the gig – watch this space!


As for whether the couple will hit the gig in their wedding finery, Abby reveals “I will most definitely be wearing my wedding dress, but will be avoiding strapless!”