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There's HOW MUCH to plan?

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So we now have our date booked – pretty much nine months to the day. And then, the other day, it suddenly hit me how much there is left to plan.


I think I realised this when my fiancé’s brother’s fiancée (with me?) told me that she’s got her venue, dress, honeymoon, bridesmaids and even her shoes sorted – and their wedding is just one month before ours. And I don’t have any of that arranged yet!

However, we are making progress. We’ve booked our photographer, James Ruane, which I am really pleased about. I think what swung it for us both was the quality of his photographs – when we looked through previous weddings that he’s covered, all of the images captured something different. Whether it was the intimate smiles of a new husband and wife or the joyousness of the occasion; they looked like the type of images I want to look back on for my big day.

Rich and I will be meeting James next week so we can chat about what type of images we want – and then arrange our pre-wedding shot at our venue, the Reid Rooms, which James said would make for some great photographs.

We are now in the throes of speaking to caterers about food for our wedding breakfast; we’re looking to have something more social than a rigid three-course meal. What we’ve decided on is: for starters, having platters of various Greek-style foods and breads, then a main course with our wedding cake for dessert. But we’re also discussing the option of having a barbecue, which I know would be more cost-effective and, again, more social.

For our evening food, we’re looking to do something different, so I’m enquiring as to whether Street Kitchen – which were involved in London’s Restaurant Festival – cater for weddings.

Lastly for this month, we’re sorting out our entertainment; I’m looking for a band for the evening, but something not too cheesy. And I’m going to be deciding on my bridesmaids – basically whether or not to have them!

Rich is one step ahead after asking his two brothers to be best men. My nephew, Callum, who will be five, will be our pageboy, and will look adorable in tails.

So much to sort out… see you next month!

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