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It’s going to be an exciting six months. That’s how long we have left to plan our wedding. I’d like to say it’s all under control – but that would be a lie!


We’re looking for a caterer at the moment. I’d like to have something different for our wedding breakfast, rather than the formal three-course sit-down meal. So we’re currently weighing up what options would work best.

The first one is to have platters of food served to the tables, with lots of tapas-style sharing food.
The second option is to make up a huge picnic hamper for each table, all containing country-themed foods such as pâtés, pies, rustic vegetables, salads etc – so that it’s themed with our venue, The Reid Rooms, Essex.

We’ve decided that we’re going to have our wedding cake for dessert. So, with that in mind, we’ve chosen something a bit different for that, too. I tried a cake from the English Cheesecake Company
over Christmas, and it was divine. They’ve got an amazing collection of tiered wedding cheesecakes – chocolate, traditional, covered in strawberries or infused with champagne. They look gorgeous and make for the perfect dessert, so we’re going for one that serves 100 people – and I know they’ll definitely enjoy it!

Rich is going to be trying on his suit soon too, along with his best men – we want traditional tails with striped trousers, and maybe even a top hat! He’s heading to Mia Sposa, which was formerly known as Pronuptia, as they’ve got a great range of menswear (as well as beautiful wedding gowns!).

Talking of dresses, that’s next on my list – so I’m off shopping with my mum next week. I’ve been being healthy throughout January (taking part in the Pure Package scheme, which delivers lovely healthy food to your door) to make sure I don’t look like a big meringue! I’ll let you know how I get on next month!

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