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Carol and Rich Get Engaged in Thailand

Rich and I started dating just two years ago. We’d known each other since about 2003 through friends of friends after meeting in our local pub. There was always a massive spark, but the timing was never right.


Then, in 2008, I bumped into him again. We flirted in texts and I asked him out for a drink. We hit it off immediately.

It was a whirlwind romance – it was like having a new best friend. Introducing him to my mates was easy, my family loved him – it was ridiculously perfect.

However, I was due to go travelling (deciding to give up my full-time job editing a regional newspaper and go and see some of the world while I still could).

The seven months we were together before I left flew by – and before I knew it I was sitting at Heathrow flicking through the surprise photo album he’d made me with pictures of all my family and close friends inside.

I began to get the feeling that I was leaving something huge behind… but I knew I had to follow my dream.

Rich decided to come out to Thailand for two weeks to see me three months after I’d left. We had a great time touring around. Then, three days before he was due to leave, we went for a night-time stroll along a beach in Cha-Am – and he got down on one knee and proposed!

So, one year on, here we are at the start of our wedding preparations.

As I travelled for a further four months, we’ve decided to have a wedding in the UK, so that all our friends and family can be a part of our special day at the end of June 2011.

In my monthly blog for You & Your Wedding over the next year, I’ll be detailing our planning stages, from looking at venues and trying on dresses to choosing my bridesmaids and flowers.

So far, we’ve decided on an outside civil ceremony – well, as much as it can be as it’s the venues which are licensed in England, meaning couples, bizarrely, can’t get married alfresco – so I’m praying for sunshine for our big day.

We’ve got in mind something traditionally English with beautiful gardens, but not too formal. So let’s see whether over the next year, we stick to the original plan!


See you next month…