Emma’s Cyprus wedding diary – 2 weeks to go

Meet our latest bride planning her big day on a yacht...

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2 weeks to go!


Crafts and creativity are not my forte but I am really quite proud of my homemade placecards that I produced this week. As a child I was a bit of an origami aficionado so I decided to channel those lost talents to create some boat placecards, and they look pretty cool, even if I do say so myself!

My friend came down at the weekend and we went to Hobbycraft to look for some nice card to make them with. I have never been there before and was totally overwhelmed by the vast array of things on offer! After a very long time weighing up the pros and cons of various cards we chose a subtle shimmering one in various shades of cream, blue and pink.

The folding of the boats is quite simple when you get the hang of it – you can find the instructions here – but the problem I was having was how to put the names on. My handwriting pretty much resembles that of a primary schooler but luckily my ingenious fiancée came up with a plan. He is very tech-savvy and managed to find a way of printing the names in exactly the right place before we cut and folded the card – I knew I was marrying him for something!

My Mum also came over at the weekend to help with a few finishing touches. She has bought a lovely white basket for my youngest bridesmaid who is going to throw rose petals along the red carpet which leads up to the yacht and also pass it round as confetti after the ceremony. She has also bought some ribbon to match my bridesmaid dresses which I am going to use on the cake – which we don’t get to pick until we go over to Cyprus. We don’t chose our flowers until we get there either but I am planning to have lilies and ivory roses.

Everything else is pretty much in place now. I need to have a practice with my make-up and hair but I am keeping both fairly simple. I generally don’t do anything extravagant with either and I don’t see the point of looking nothing like me on my wedding day! I am lucky that my sister is a trained hairdresser so she can take care of that and I am going to do my make-up myself.

I have bought a few sparkly bits for the bridesmaids’ hair but I am going to keep them very natural as well because they are only young.

It will be the last instalment of my wedding diary next week in the midst of packing for Cyprus and sorting out any last minute glitches and I look forward to sharing the final few days with you…


Em x