Emma’s Cyprus wedding diary – 3 weeks to go

Meet our latest bride planning her big day on a yacht...

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Afternoon tea with a (almost) naked butler, cocktails at a casino, food, drinks and dancing……what more could a bride to be want for her hen do?!


My friends did an amazing job. When I opened the door at my friend’s house a butler in the buff [www.butlersinthebuff.co.uk] was waiting to greet me with a glass of champagne and a bunch of flowers. My friends had laid on an amazing spread of sandwiches and cakes and gave me a few saucy presents (sequinned nipple tassles anyone?!) and hen do accessories before whisking me off for a night of fun.

It was everything that I wanted it to be and now that it’s over, the wedding seems very real. I am really just counting down the days and finding it difficult to concentrate on much else – especially work!

Carl and I have had to sort out the legal documents for our wedding this week, as in Cyprus you have to have a sworn affidavit saying you are free to marry. I had to go to a solicitor to do mine while Carl had to travel down to London to do his at the American Embassy. It’s the boring bit – but really quite important, as without it we can’t get married!

With only a few weeks to go I have been deciding on presents for the wedding party. I have looked at countless different things and have found a great stall at Covent Garden market that creates really unique 3D cards. The lady personalises them with items that mean something to you and then adds a plaque dedicating them to the special person. They will look brilliant on a mantelpiece or in a frame so am planning to get these made especially for our mums.

For my bridesmaids I have been looking at a number of different jewellery ideas but think I have settled on some funky charm bracelets from Bombay Duck. I like these because they are fun and good for the age range – 11, 14, 24 – and also that they can be personalised with charms for each girl, which they can add to over the years.

My friend, who has taken on the role of ‘honorary maid of honour’ is coming over tomorrow so we can go through everything else that is left to do – seating plan, placecards, music etc. – and hopefully be much closer to ‘finished’!

I have some great ideas for my place cards so I look forward to showing them to you next week…


Em x