Emma’s Cyprus yacht wedding

Fancy getting married on a yacht in the Med? Find out how it was for Emma and Carl

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From a little girl you always hope that your wedding will be as perfect as you have always dreamed of – and it was! Not only was the wedding day wonderful but the whole week in Cyprus and our honeymoon were both amazing.


We flew out to Cyprus with my family and arrived at the beautiful Villa Maria in Paphos to be greeted by the owner Mary. She had left us a bottle of bubbly and a home made cake in the shape of a heart which helped to kick off our week in style.

The next day we had our meeting with Exclusive Yacht weddings to go over all the final details of our big day and to pick our flowers, decorations and car. It was also the first time we were going to see the yacht in person! We weren’t disappointed. The yacht is stunning and after the meeting I finally felt like I could relax with my wedding in good hands, and just get on with enjoying my week.

Saturday came around very quickly and I woke up early, having sent Carl off to stay with his family. As the ceremony wasn’t until 5pm I needed something to distract me so my friends took me to breakfast and then to a posh hotel to have pedicures and sip cocktails by the pool.

Come 4pm everything kicked off, our photographer Duncan of DC Photographic arrived and Barry from the wedding company turned up with our flowers. I was bit concerned about only picking the flowers a few days before but they were stunning and exactly what I wanted (stargazer lilies and ivory roses) – I couldn’t stop looking at and smelling them for days!  Our photographer was fantastic – very friendly, laid back and interacted seamlessly with all our guests – plus the pictures are beautiful.

As my beautiful bridesmaids and I walked along the dock I was gripping on tightly to my Dad and when my entrance music started – You and Me by Lifehouse – I started to tear up. I managed to control myself all the way until I said my vows though and then I got so choked up I couldn’t speak! After officially being pronounced man and wife, the yacht sailed out into the sunset and we enjoyed well deserved glass of champagne. It was just as special and beautiful as I expected – if a bit windswept – and a great way to begin married life.

Once we docked back in the harbour we enjoyed dinner, some touching speeches and a romantic first dance, before our DJ, Andrew from Cyprus Events (cyprusevents@live.co.uk), played us into the night and my friends hit the dancefloor with style!

The night went incredibly quickly and as Aerosmith’s I don’t Want to Miss a Thing played we waved good bye to our guests. A lot of people say they never get to see their new spouse at the wedding or feel they don’t spend enough time with everyone but because we had a small group and had the whole week with them it felt very relaxed.

After spending the night in the yacht’s honeymoon suite and enjoying a lovely cruise the next morning, we flew off to Meeru Island in the Maldives for our honeymoon. It was totally stunning and I could have stayed forever.

Now, back in dark and dreary England I can truly say that my wedding and honeymoon were everything I wished for. Being able to call Carl my husband finally puts a word to the love and commitment we have given each other for the last five years. In the Maldives we saw a couple have a beautiful vow renewal ceremony and I hope we can return in 20 years time to celebrate our own long and happy marriage.

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