Floral Inspiration: Celebrating 10 Years of Amie Bone

SPONSORED ARTICLE: Immensely talented florist Amie Bone celebrated her 10 year anniversary this week, and we were lucky enough to be invited along

If you’re a fan of show-stopping floral arrangements (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then Amie Bone is the name you need to know. Amie started her floristry journey on a market stall in Oxfordshire, and 10 years later she is one of the most sought-after names in the wedding world, creating utterly stunning floral displays that leave guests wowed by their incredible intricacy – Amie has even created the floral arrangement for a live wedding ceremony on ITV’s This Morning

Invitation courtesy of Armorial Paris

When an invitation to Amie’s 10th anniversary party dropped onto our desk, talk immediately turned to what the floral arrangements would be like; we were beside ourselves with excitement and RSVPd immediately. 

On the night of the party we were whisked up to the 34th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, and upon exiting the lift were greeted by the first of many flawless flower displays – the arrangements certainly did not disappoint.

Flowers by Amie Bone

Red and pink blooms cascaded to the floor, with flowers adorning every single surface. The skyline of London was the backdrop, yet more attendees were snapping pictures of the flowers than of the iconic view – a sure sign we were at a wedding industry party!

Red lighting bathed the room in a romantic glow, while waiters circulated the floor topping up champagne with abandon and offering delicious canapés to hungry partygoers.

Cake courtesy of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

A beautiful gilded gold cake, created by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, mounted on a bed of red and orange roses, was centre of attention for much of the night, with the shine of the cake perfectly complemented by the striking flowers surrounding it – we definitely felt inspired for our own wedding flowers after seeing this; a simple cake stand will definitely not cut it anymore!

For Amie Bone, attention to detail is everything and this was abundantly clear at her lavish party. Every element had been carefully considered, and you could just tell if you enlisted her help to deck out your own wedding in flowers, she would create a beautiful bespoke set-up fit for a royalty. As she said herself, “If a bride can dream it, I can create it.”

Flowers by Amie Bone

The stunning displays comprised of flowers including Red Naomi Roses, Blueberry Roses and tulips, mixed in with raspberry and autumnal green hydrangeas, complemented by gladioli, amaryllis and nutans and finished off with devilishly sumptuous grapes and apples. All together the selected blooms created one of the most opulent floral scenes we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Image courtesy of Sanshine Photography.

A saxophonist kept us entertained on the evening, before all eyes turned to Amie Bone herself who made a short but undeniably sweet speech on her journey so far – here’s to the next ten years of Amie Bone; we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


Event Planner: Steven Pellier Weddings & Events
Event Production: Rendezvous Events