How to plan the perfect marriage proposal

New agency helps hapless guys plan the perfect marriage proposal with a little A-list style

Photography by Chiara Romganoli

Singer Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah Carey on a helicopter circling the Empire State Building and Seal popped the question to Heidi Klum in a specially built igloo perched 14,000ft high on a Canadian glacier. Sigh! But if your proposal was more Saturday night on the sofa than private dining at the top of the Eiffel Tower, maybe your man should have called in the services of The Proposers.


Set up by Tiffany Wright and Daisy Amodio, The Proposers is an agency that steps in to help clueless guys plan the perfect marriage proposal. A basic package costs £100 and from a questionnaire your man fills in about you, your interests and your relationship, they dream up two celeb-style proposal scenarios. So far they have a 100% ‘yes’ rate!

So if you’re still waiting for your man to utter those four little longed for words (or you think you deserve something a little bit more special than a mumbled ‘will you marry me’ after a night in the pub) here are a few of Tiffany’s most memorable proposals to spark his imagination…

Pop-up romance

“Planning a unique proposal for a girl who was into modern art was a tough prospect but we came up with the perfect idea. We set up a pop-up shop in east London, blanked out the windows and made it into a trendy minimal-look gallery. While walking past, the groom-to-be suggested they take a look inside. Once she was through the door, the girl discovered the entire place was empty apart from one very special piece of ‘modern art’: her engagement ring hanging from a piece of string in the middle of the room.”

All aboard the love boat

“I’ll always remember this proposal as Daisy and I had to learn to abseil to organise it – not great when you’re afraid of heights! The sporty couple we were planning for were visiting the Lake District so we plotted a proposal trail for them to follow on their bikes. At the end, they found a canoe with a sign saying “follow the hearts.” As they paddled along the shore, the heart markers led them to an area where abseiling gear was waiting for them. We’d organized for them to climb a rock face before abseiling down into a candlelit cave where the groom-to-be popped the question”

Picnic on the piste

“This was an exciting proposal as Daisy and I got to fly out to Switzerland. As the couple were avid skiers, we found a secluded off piste spot on the top of a mountain for the proposal. As the bride-and-groom-to-be skied around the corner they were greeted by the sight of a private a la carte picnic. A champagne butler served the fizz and their favourite foods were laid out on a little table for two adorned with flickering lanterns and roses. Daisy and I hid behind trees to take photos of the proposal while it happened so the couple would have keepsake snaps of the special moment.”

Finding you

“This proposal didn’t cost the earth but it included lots of lovely personal touches. The groom-to-be provided us with a series of special memories with photos to match and we created clues to direct her around London. On the morning of the proposal the bride-to-be was given a treasure map that guided her around Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and The Ritz collecting the sweet little memory tokens. The hunt eventually led her to a VIP bar overlooking London where her fiancé was waiting for her on bended knee.” 

Window to the heart

“Undeniably one of the most expensive proposals we’ve planned (costing around £10,000) it really was something special. We flew the shoe-obsessed bride-to-be and her man out to New York where we’d hired out an entire exclusive shoe shop. When she arrived, the window was covered with a sheet and we’d asked the shop assistant to explain they were updating their display. While the girl was busy trying on dreamy shoes, the sheet dropped to the floor and her boyfriend was waiting in the window on one knee waiting to propose. After she’d said yes, we took them off to a luxury hotel to continue the celebrations over the weekend”

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For more information visit, theproposers.co.uk