Julia’s winter wedding diary – 3 weeks to go!

Julia sets out on her Grease-themed hen do...

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Three weeks to go!


The last six weeks have gone by so fast and then the thing I was dreading the most happened – I got Swine flu! But at least it wasn’t a week before the wedding, or even two weeks before the wedding.

It got me for a whole week and I’m still coughing a bit but thank God it happened last week and not closer to the wedding (not that three weeks isn’t close enough!) as I looked and sounded rough as a dog!

I came down with it the day after my hen do, which was confusing at the time as I didn’t drink all that much but felt like I had the worst hangover the day after.

It was the best hen do ever, though! The girls did me proud… two of my three bridesmaids turned up at my house bright and early on the Saturday with an outfit fit for our Grease-themed day (check me out in my Sandy wig!).

I had to walk down the street wearing skin-tight trousers, heels and a wig at 10.30am and get on the tube, much to the delight of the local builders and sniggering tourists.

I was then whisked off to a beauty salon for a surprise manicure so I could get my nails in tip top shape, which was brilliant as they needed some help before the big day. After that, we headed to see Grease the Musical before going for a big meal in Browns and moving onto a club for a boogie. 

Wedding preparations have continued to go smoothly and we even found the table plan decisions easy in the end having worried about it for months.

In my last entry I told you all I was going to have teeth whitening. Well, I admit it, I ended up chickening out! I realised that really my teeth are fine and I had just convinced myself it’s what I should get done as a bride-to-be rather than it being something that was actually necessary. Instead – and it’s a lot cheaper - I had a professional polish for £65 which made them sparkly white anyway… job done!

My final dress fitting was great, but I did have a slight bridezilla moment when the dress hadn’t been steamed. But then I realised afterwards they’d need to do it again anyway before the big day! It all fitted perfectly and I was so happy to have my sister there to see the finished product (and to see how to get me into it!).

We also had our cheese tasting for the cake of cheese, which wasn’t quite as exciting as having the tasting for the main meal (and the shop smelled really strongly of cheese, obviously!) but it was fun to try cheeses I’d never tasted before. The whole thing will come to around £200, which is a lot less than a standard cake and I think it will have more chance of being eaten up on the night than a cake would!

So there’s not much time left now – we’ve chosen our readings, bought the gifts for our ushers and pageboy, paid all the bills and booked the honeymoon.

I can’t believe I’ll be a Mrs next month – but what’s made it even more real is having started a new job today they’re already calling me by my married surname so as to save confusion in a few weeks’ time. That’s when it really hit me!

Julia x

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