Katie’s Long-Distance Wedding

Changing names and unconditional love

Wedding Blogger and Real Bride Katie Maloy Shows off Her Engagement Ring

Katie, 33, is in PR, while her ex-soldier H2B Ultimate Hero (UH), 38, is a close protection bodyguard. She will be sharing her wedding diary with us in the countdown to her big day on April 30, 2011.


Ah brides, time is going so quickly and while I was quite chuffed with myself initially for being ultra-organised, it is starting to dawn on me that the big day will be here before I know it and there is still so much to do.

I feel the added pressure of having my bridal party evenly sprinkled out over almost every continent on the globe. I have to get everyone somehow accurately measured by a person who knows what they are doing and deliver those to the dressmaker and the suit hire people. I am slightly on edge about this, especially considering the growth rate of my flowergirl and pageboy. I only hope that when it comes to UH the suit people have the faculties to thoroughly grasp that they will be adorning the most perfect set of shoulders modern humanity has ever produced.

One decision that was amazingly easy was whether or not to change my name when I got married. This was the biggest shock to my adult self. I remember the exact moment I decided I wasn’t going to keep Maloy. UH and I were driving around the bendy country roads of Norfolk and I announced to him that I was going to take his name when we got married. ‘F***ing right you are,’ proclaimed the hero like some kind of crazy Neanderthal. UH’S vintage response totally passed me by as I thoroughly absorbed what I had just said. I am 33 so have lived with my name a fair amount of time; besides that many of my friends call me Maloy instead of Katie so it is a big part of my identity.

I always thought it was really weird that women changed their names when they got married, and even more bizarre that some girls were desperate to do it. My mum went back to her maiden name when I was 10 so I didn’t have that thing about having to have the same name as my children. I am not a fan of double-barrelled names either, as you could end up having grandchildren with four names. So I just always assumed I would keep Maloy and the kids could have the husband’s name. So my desire to want to become Mrs Hero is still baffling me.

A dear friend of mine ended up changing her name as she had this phobia that the hospital was going to misplace her baby. Another friend ended up changing her name after the insurance company wanted to put her on a separate policy from her son and husband. My decision to change my name comes from an unknown origin; I mean let’s face it, it is a thoroughly outdated and slightly strange phenomenon.

So here I am, about to become Mrs Ultimate Hero, formerly Miss Katie Maloy, and this is about all I can conclude: it is a new beginning, a fresh start. Katie Maloy is a great name. It has seen me through lots of life experiences, including my battle though the maze of love and relationships. It was Katie Maloy who stupidly fell for the wrong men for the wrong reasons but never gave up hope that the Hero would one day find her.

Who knows where the desire comes from, but I am sure of one thing: true love is when you can really accept a person, flaws and all. I am as flawed as can be and make no apologies for it; in fact it sort of is my personality. The other night for example, I went to blow my candle out and a roar of flames travelled up a tuft of hair; it made a noise like wildfire and consequently produced an aroma reminiscent of a cheap Eighties hair salon. I then went out, drank too much and ate KFC hot wings with my cab driver at 5am.

Now the Hero is far more practical, and a highly functioning human being. However nobody is perfect. He collects cars that don’t work, he owns over 100 pairs of socks, he buys DVD tutorials on how to make hovercrafts that he will never ever watch and – the worst one yet; are you ready for it brides? The UH street cred is about to plummet to oceanic depths – The Ultimate Hero has a photo circa 1998 where he is wearing: aviator sunglasses; black Speedos; and, wait for it, get ready… velcro sandals. I told you it was bad. So do I still want to become Mrs Hero you ask? Absolutely.

Till next week,

Katie Hero xx

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