Katie’s long-distance wedding

While H2B is in the Gulf, Katie is off with the wedding fairies!

Katie’s Ultimate Hero

Katie, 33, is in PR, while her ex-soldier H2B, 38, is a close protection bodyguard. She will be sharing her wedding diary with us in the countdown to her big day on April 30, 2011.


Hi Fellow Brides,

I am so excited to be sharing my wedding passion with people who actually care. I am afraid my friends, staff and family frequently roll their eyes and proclaim ‘I am off with the wedding fairies’ again as I chatter away about colour schemes, love songs and how I am going to pick out an outfit for my mother to wear (as attractive as she is, she has no idea, I have already bought her a jewelled headband, but more about that later).

You see I have good reason and reason better than most. Apart from being beyond excited I am getting married, my research, planning, obsession whatever you want to call it is actually therapy. You see Brides my betrothed, love of my life, best man who ever walked the Earth my Ultimate Hero was recently deployed to Iraq.

Let’s call him UH for Ultimate Hero. UH (pictured) is on private assignment protecting some big wig from a terrorist organisation. I know little more apart from when I excitedly rang him recently from a red carpet do and he announced he was knee deep in sand with guns strapped to his chest (sexy I know). It did slightly raise concern but not as much as just before he left on the first rotation and he had to fill out his proof of life documents (yes in the style of Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe):

  • Proof of life question 1.
  • Date of my wedding: 30th April 2011
  • Proof of life question 2.
  • My Fiancé’s middle name: Ann

These are the questions the authorities ask if he is captured. It kind of sent me into a bit of a frenzy.

So as to not panic him I threw all of my hysteria into our big day. My ‘Wedding Fairies’ are like my Prozac, stiff drink, cigarette and chocolate all rolled into one. As a consequence I know just about all there is to know going. I once spent a whole Sunday afternoon searching Google for jewelled hair spirals for my maids to wear in their hair. Madness I know, Brides, but now you can benefit, that is if you are interested in jewelled spirals.

It doesn’t just stop there. I have a portfolio filled with lots of nights on Google, reading wedding books, micro examining magazines and interviewing every man and woman who ever got married. (You get time on your hands when your man is gone weeks on end.)

I see you fellow Brides like an AA support group, all in it together all taking the journey as a sisterhood (OK so it is my therapy not yours, you probably have your loved one at home right now waiting for you with a meal on the table, I am going home to re-runs of Four Weddings because sometimes once isn’t enough).

So Brides, while UH is fighting the good fight, B2B is becoming an expert (eccentric but still expert) and I want to share it with you ladies who actually care and are all passionate about not only having the best wedding day ever in history of the World but also kick-starting your life together in style because at the end of the day that is what it is all about. You have chosen him, he has chosen you and you are going to set it off with a bang.

Stay tuned, Brides, for more on all things Bridal and details on how UH asked me when I wanted to get married on our first date (and he was being completely serious). Maybe a review of Four Weddings here and there, but definitely some more tidbits, and I will only mention the spirals if anyone cares… but don’t you think some tiny circular crystals nestled in an up-do would just catch the light beautifully?

Love Katie xxx


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